10 Hotels For You To Spend An Unforgettable Vacation In This Lush Green City

chikmagalur homestay

1. Hotels and resorts in trivia

 trivia Chikmagalur is surrounded by an espresso ranch that does not include the Murayanagiri mountain. The ranch offers the perfect combination of relaxation and modern comfort. This hotel has been rated as the best in terms of a warm and personal community and has many features that make your stay on the pristine roads of the Western Ghats essential. The rooms with beautiful valley views provide a great experience and a private jacuzzi. You have an infinite swimming pool, and the perspective on the slope will fill your mind with novelty. You can sample nearby delicacies at the Arabica Café.

 Channagondanahalli, Hobli, Mullayanagiri, The Noor Khan Avenue, Channagondanahalli.

 ChikmagallurTariff: INR 15 435

 2. Inn Aadrika

 This first-class hotel is nestled in the immaculate setting of the green and lush tropical hillsides of Mullayanagiri, inviting visitors to experience the new things of the Western Ghats. The carefully crafted Aadrika Hotels offer you 40 spacious rooms with modern amenities and views of the valley. This hotel is only 2 kilometers from Dantaramakki Lake and only 3 kilometers from Chikmagalur Train Station, it has a terrace “The Highland” where you can relax in tranquility. It has a recreation center, spa, and a wonderful nursery to calm its teachers. The accommodation offers vegetarian lovers Vivikta Café, Zesto Multifunctional Restaurant and Hill Brew Café.

 District: Milan Theater Road Milan Theater Annex, Chikmagalur

 Tax: INR 4,321

 3. Java Rain Resorts

 This hotel is located in the Mullayangiri Hills (Mullayangiri Hills), which perfectly combine nature and progress, providing to the people a luxury of comfort. The manor in the dense espresso pasture provides you with tranquil nature and magnificent views of Babab Dan Mountain. The well-planned rooms are equipped with the best civilized facilities and provide excellent comfort. The greatest value of Java Rain lies in its friendliness and management.

 Area: Girija Estates Survey ID: 618, Chikmagalur 577101 India

 Price: 10783 INR

 4. Zostel Chikmagalur

 If you are looking for an ideal natural retreat in Chikmagalur, this gentle hotel in a rich espresso is the ideal choice . . Zostel is popular with explorers and combines nature with modern comfort. It has a variety of room options to meet your motivation. The stunning scenery of the Western Ghats and the delicious food nearby will make you a must-visit place.

Area : Mudigere Road

 near Neeladri Nursery, Aladagudde, Chikmagalur Cost: INR 3762

 5. Door Hotel Chikmagalur

 This luxury hotel in Chikmagalur is impeccably organized and provides an outstanding retreat. stay. You will get a perfect combination of comfort, accommodation or more natural organization. The well-planned luxurious bedrooms and designer furniture make it a favorite of leisure travelers. You can relax by the pool or at the popular restaurants in the area. It is close to popular rock gardens and transportation hubs, where investigations can begin.

 Area: Jyoti Nagar Post, Chikmagalur 577102 India

 Service: INR 11210

 6. The Serai

 If you were looking for a 5-star resort in Chikmagalur at the time, then Serai is equipped with first-class upgraded equipment to provide a luxurious experience. Each of the 29 guest rooms in the inn has been carefully planned to maintain correct room price, acceptance and courtesy. The private swimming pool and jacuzzi will relax your mind and body and inject vitality into exciting sports. You can benefit from espresso setting treatments to restore the attractiveness to your skin. You have a restaurant and bar, multiple kitchens, and you can enjoy delicious food and drinks nearby. Chikmagalur Railway Station is 9 km from the hotel, and Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple is 9 km away. Ganapathi Temple is 35 kilometers from Udbhava.

 Area: B.M. Street Mugthihalli Post, Chikmagalur 577133 India

 Taxes: 16,200 Indian rupees

 7. Hidden Valley

 Looking for a home away from home in the impeccable Western Ghats and spending quality time with your loved ones? Hidden Valley is composed of 30 espresso farms located in Chikmagalur, providing you with the best accommodation options and returning you to nature. Only a four-hour drive from Bangalore, Hidden Valley invites you to appreciate the organization of nature in the current comfort and warmth of a friendly way. Freed from the custom of luxury accommodation, you can get a warm atmosphere and leave practical memories on unspoiled land.

 Area: Handi, Machagondanahally, ChikmagalurMudigere Road, Chikmagalur

 Price: INR 3,215

 8. Treebo Trend Maharaja Inn

 Your search for a 3-star resort in Chikmagalur ended at Treebo Trend Maharaja Inn. The recently assembled property in I.G. Street offers 15 well-planned open-plan rooms with luxurious beds to provide you with maximum comfort. You can get the ideal cash reward, because this type of consumer accommodation provides you with first-rate services and makes your stay a must.

 Area: I G Road, Maharaja Complex, Chikmagalur

 Tax: INR 2,626

 9. Mountain Valley Chikmagalur

 If you need to experience the passion of the Indians in Chikmagalur, Mountain Valley is your ideal choice. With a small scale focused on tourist satisfaction, the property gives you family-style involvement in great cities. This Chikmagalur attribute provides the best high-end luxury items, most suitable for personalized management. It is completely located to provide you with the truly necessary peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

 area: Chikmagalur, Golf Club Road Allampura.

 tax rate: 2262 Indian rupees

 10. Honeydew Exotica

 Chikmagalur is espresso and novelty coffee. Honeydew Exotoicaa maintains an impeccable component that provides the best participation in town. Located in the middle of an espresso farm in the lower area of ​​Devigiri Hills, this 4-star chikmagalur homestay reclassifies luxury in a unique environment. Well-crafted guest rooms and

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