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One of the most staple tools in the kitchen of every house or restaurant is a knife. Knives are regarded as the primary tool of every chef and used for essential tasks, from cutting a piece of meat to chopping onions or tomatoes. The advancement of technology has given way to numerous knives and each for a specific purpose and use. Some of the common knives that are popularly used include chef knives, bread knives, butcher knives, carving knives, and utility knives. 

There are many different types of knives, but they usually fall into two categories, which are fixed blade and non-fix or more popularly known as the folding blade. The fixed blade is permanently attached to the handle and will not surprise you when needed. On the other hand, the folding blade is one where the blade encloses within the handle and uses mostly for carrying purposes.

The Difference between a Fixed and Folding Blade

Fixed blades are very durable and best if you are looking for camping or need a knife for field dressing. The fixed blade has a simple design and without any folding mechanism. The folding blade knife is also called a ‘pocket knife,’ but it is not durable and easily damaged. However, the folding blade is best for convenience due to its compact size.  

If you like to go on a hunting adventure with your friends in the woods or mountains, then a fixed blade knife is best to defend yourself from wild animals who can unexpectedly sneak up on you. The argument between folding and fix knives is not new and one which has been going on for a year. 

The folding knife fan says that that folding blade is easy to conceal and best for people who are not familiar with handling a knife with a sharp blade. On the contrary, the fixed blade knives specialists say that the fixed blade is known for its size and strength. The fixed blades are also easier to clean and do not break easily than the folding blade. 

The Different Types of Fixed Blade Knives

The fixed blade is known for its quality and versatility and is used for performing many tasks such as cutting, splitting, digging, food preparation, first aid tool, and a prying tool. The fixed blade is used in different knives, including hunting knives, boot knives, combat knives, and dive knives. The various united cutlery fixed blade knives include 

Hunting Knife

From the name, one can discern that a hunting knife is used to hunt animals for food. The hunting knife is used to cut and clean the animal to be used as food. The hunting knife may sound to some people like the instrument to hunt or kill an animal, but it’s not and only used to prepare the animal for food. 

A camp knife is also a hunting knife that hunters can use as a hatchet or a machete when a proper hunting knife is not available. The hunting knives are meant for cutting and cleaning and have a very sharp blade that is also slightly curved. 

Bushcraft Knife

The Bushcraft knife has a single blade and resembles a survival knife, but the handles are different. The Bushcraft knives are used for ordinary tasks that may include

  • Cutting in small diameter
  • Skinning animals that have light skin, such as rabbits
  • Carving wood for small projects and woodworks
  • Preparing and cutting food such as meat 

The Bushcraft knife may also be used to make snares, making this knife an essential item when going on a camping or hunting adventure.

Survival Knife

The hunting and Bowie knives can easily be used in any situation, but if trekking or going for a two or three are camping, you must have a survival knife in your backpack. The purpose of survival knives is to be valuable during emergencies when a person is in the wild forest, desert, or mountains. The survival knives are used for cutting, trapping, skinning, and carving. 

A survival knife may come with a straight or sharp fixed blade. The modern-day survival knives have both the handle and blade made from a single metal. A flat back ridge is also one of the value-added features that can light a match.

Bowie Knife

The Bowie knives are quite distinctive as compared to other knives because of their length. A Bowie knife is a heavy sheath knife with a long blade not serrated, but the knife is famous for its cutting and sturdy ability. The blade length varies from as low as 6 inches to 24 inches. The Bowie knife’s long blade penetrates deep into the animal’s skin, and the knife can also be used for defending oneself from danger.

Boot Knife

A boot knife from the name suggests a knife secured or attached to the lower part of the leg on a sheath. The boot knife is concealed and can be of varying length, but the best option to consider a boot knife that is 3.5 inches. The blade of the boot knife is quite sharp and made from sturdy steel.

Dive Knife

A dive knife name may sound confusing to some people, but this knife is an essential tool to be worn with scuba gear. The fixed blade of dive knives can be made from titanium, steel, and even ceramic. The blade is quite sharp and helps the diver to defend against sea creatures that may look to threaten. The knife may also be used to cut from ropes or entanglements. 

The fixed blade knives are multifunctional and used to perform numerous tasks indoors and also outdoors. But most knives have a very sharp blade, and one must be careful and take all the precautions before using them. The knife with a long blade may be used to pry open the windows and doors. 

The sharp fixed blade can be used to chop wood and even cut the rope. A folding blade may not be the ideal tool to cut through a rope, and you may end up injuring yourself. When in the outdoors, you can use a knife to peel and cut the fruits. 

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