How to Use the File Extension In QuickBooks

QuickBooks File Extensions

Do you understand what is record developments? The archive increase is used for saving data and each record has had centrality in QuickBooks Desktop. Each record growth has a unique name. Directly we will look at in bits of knowledge with respect to how QuickBooks File Extensions are Used. At different stages, you will encounter these terms. Hence, it is basic to acknowledge what they really rely upon to get the best out of them. 

Differing File Extensions for each report are used by different QuickBooks adjustments like QuickBooks, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Payroll Support, etc. Thusly, each archive type has its own special essentialness to save the data.

Portions of QuickBooks File Extension:

QuickBooks File Extensions are utilized to store data and all of them have its own one of a kind significance. Each record type is doled out an extraordinary QuickBooks File Extension. The different variants of QuickBooks have indisputable record developments as shared beforehand.

Unquestionable kinds of data are secured inside different envelopes. A prevailing piece of QuickBooks File Extension contains three characters. Nevertheless, the number may move once in a while. This post will discuss the various sorts of QuickBooks File Extensions.

Centrality of QuickBooks Files Extensions:

The indisputable QuickBooks File Extensions fill diverse basic needs that are shared as seeks after:

1) The stand-out QuickBooks File Extension consigned to each record urges customers to perceive the substance inside a particular archive.

2) QuickBooks File Extension enables customers to arrange the record of similar sorts together. The path toward filtering through data in this manner winds up less complex.

3) QuickBooks File Extension is incredible moreover from the perspective of security as they help the customers with a way to deal with check the approval of data archives.

4) QuickBooks File Extension helps the conspicuous evidence of records. The work territory utilizes this data to dispatch the right archive with the relevant application.

5) QuickBooks File Extension help in the conspicuous evidence by looking at the filename.

❖    Extensions for Windows:

QuickBooks Working Files


The QBW association is identified with the Intuit QuickBooks support application. It uses QBW archives to store cash related information, formats, letters, logos, and pictures for an association.


QBB archives are fortifications of QBW records that extra an association money related information like arrangements, logos, letters, pictures, etc.


A stuffed version of the QuickBooks association record *.QBM archives are ideal for sharing because of the tinier record gauge.


The *.QBI record use for trades that have been made until they are displayed on the hard drive


When you convey the configuration for a held record, QuickBooks saves the archive with a.QBR development.


QuickBooks gives a grouping of organizations wherein you can use your structures


This report is used for an electronic bank announcement downloaded from a fiscal establishment’s website.


A config log report for QuickBooks


Related to SDK log records for QuickBooks that contains mixed information about usernames and passwords. It is utilized when an item needs QuickBooks while it is unattended or closed. The username and mystery expression save in this record are utilized to connect with the Sybase server.


QWC record pass on mixed contain about the untouchable application composed with QB


This record stores structure settings used by QuickBooks to print the structure


This record store QuickBooks Printer setting

❖    QuickBooks Statement Writer Files

These join the going with QuickBooks record extensions


QSW Statement record


QSS Appearance record


QSW Template record

❖    Fixed Asset Manager Files

These fuses the going with QuickBooks record developments –


Compacted FAM data record. Stores asset data


Stores system data


Header record


Stores report data


FAM support coordinate log archive


❖    Stores CSV import data headers

QuickBooks record extensions used in QuickBooks for Mac


QuickBooks 2016 for Mac association data record.


Windows flawless QuickBooks for Mac fortification archive.


QuickBooks for Mac circle fortification record. This is for QuickBooks for Mac 2012 and earlier.


QuickBooks for Mac 2013 and later use the Apple hover picture to make fortifications.


Inclination records that store selection and any tendencies set inside QuickBooks.

The above article gives a piece of fair information into various QuickBooks record extensions and their inspirations. For powerful and full use of the item, it is basic to know various QuickBooks record types that are open. If you face inconvenience in appreciation and using any of the above expansions, it is judicious to search for particular help at our QuickBooks Support work region.

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