Use Your Enneagram to Determine Your Ideal Home Layout Style

Enneagram Home Layout Style

Enneagram types have been used spiritually as a way to gain access to a deeper and more enlightened understanding of the self. They have also been used in business management to determine employee interaction methods and placement. If Enneagrams are used in sectors of business and spirituality, why shouldn’t they be used in home design? Read on to determine the best home layout for you—according to your Enneagram type.

The Reformer: Split-Level

The reformer is purposeful and a bit perfectionistic, so it makes sense for them to want to be in control of their space. With a split-level floor plan, every part of the home has its purpose. The interior decor should be clean, simple, and tasteful. 

The Helper: Combined

The helper is caring, demonstrative, and a little bit of a people-pleaser. They enjoy hosting parties and having generous gatherings. A combined floor plan is perfect for these gatheries, as it allows for a large open space where guests can roam freely. The interior design suggestions for a type 2 Enneagram are along the lines of farmhouse and rustic, which both create a cozy atmosphere for these gatherings.

The Achiever: Loft

This type of Enneagram is driven and adaptive. Their ideal space reflects their success-oriented goals—they don’t have time for frivolities. The loft-style floor plan allows everything to be laid out in a clean, sleek space for maximum efficiency. Interior design suggestions for the achiever play up the sleekness with grand lighting fixtures and simple furniture.


The Individualist: Open-Concept

The individualist is sensitive, expressive, and creative. They are in tune with their emotions, so they like to protect their sensitivity. An open-concept floor plan is best for Type 4s, so they can fill the space with color and artistic flair for their guests to appreciate. The individualist’s interior design suggestion is to embrace eclectic accents and play up their expressive personality.

The Investigator: Closed-Concept

The investigator is perceptive, innovative and a bit secretive. Having their separate spaces allows the investigator to compartmentalize and reflect on different areas of their life. It also allows them to keep their private life separate from their public one. Interior design suggestions for the investigator are to create a traditional interior with dark woods and natural light to encourage the flow of deep thought.

The Loyalist: L-Shaped

The loyalist is responsible and committed, with a little anxiety sprinkled in. For this reason, the loyalist likes to feel safe. The L-Shape layout provides a perfect amount of privacy for this Enneagram type, as well as a safe haven against harsh weather conditions. For the interior design, try to create a space with simple lines and natural lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The Enthusiast: U-Shaped

The enthusiast has a vivacity for life and all things fun. They’re spontaneous and easily distracted. A U-shaped home is unique, and has a versatile layout to reflect the nature of the enthusiast. Interior style tips for the enthusiast include an entertainment space and a Mediterranean interior. Entertainment spaces are perfect for having fun, and a Mediterranean interior is full of life—just like Type 7.

The Challenger: Multistory

The challenger is self-confident, powerful, and confrontational. They can be incredibly intense, so it’s important for them to have a space where they can relax. A multistory layout enables them to have a variety of spaces to interact with, but it can be tied together with simple design. The interior decor for the challenger should aim to create a light, cheerful atmosphere using contemporary design principles.

The Peacemaker: One Story

The peacemaker is quite easygoing, agreeable, and complacent. They don’t make a big fuss or seek out conflict. The one-story layout is easy to manage and reflects their go-with-the-flow personality. Style suggestions for the peacemaker include the utilization of natural furniture and accents with pops of color and fabric for a simple bohemian aesthetic. 

If you enjoyed learning more about your Enneagram, check out the infographic to see which celebrity aligns with your Enneagram type! 

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