Top 5 Tips to Upload Products Faster In Magento Store

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Well, if you want to make large profits then you must have to make large sales. And for selling big, you need to have a massive amount of stock with proper output channels. Although there are many eCommerce platforms available but in this article we’ll talk about Magento- a platform where you can sell as many products as you want. But the problem is that the amount of products sold online is constantly increasing, and has become a challenge for online stores to manage. It is easy to sell in bulk but it’s not that easy to upload products in bulk. So, Magento store manager could be the golden touch for your business if you tap into its every possibility.

Tips you can use to speedily upload a large number of products:

Bulk Import:

Magento bulk upload aspect is a boon for online businesses as it erases the state of sequential individual product upload. You can upload a large number of products quickly on this platform using a one-time upload approach from a single CSV file. All you need is a basic understanding of Magento bulk upload file format; you can see the formatting requirements by simply transferring existing products into CSV files. But you need to keep in mind that the structure could be different for simple and configurable products, so you need to give proper attention to details. 

Bulk images: 

Images are the important element for the product description, and with Magento, you can upload thousands of images in one shot using FTP. But, before uploading you need to cross-verify that the images are properly tagged, and are labeled appropriately based on products SKU. And you can review this by navigating the product page on the Magento storefront.

Bulk features and categories:

When uploading products, all you need to keep in mind is the end-users. But the question is how you can make it easier for your customers to instantly and efficiently navigate the product they are looking for? So, you can enhance this overall process of Magento catalog management by creating the categories and its attributes before uploading the products. I.e. before you ready yourself for bulk upload if you already have all the categories and its attributes created on the Magento database then you can easily associate products with their respective categories.

Limit file size for bulk upload:

Problems such as potential time outs for server, delays in successful upload can be handled by keeping the file size smaller for bulk upload. You can limit the file size by making and uploading sets of files not more than 1000 products. By dividing the files into the batches, it is easier for you to find and fix issues. Note that: after uploading products in bulk, you need to cross-check them to ensure that everything is in top order.

Update existing products in bulk:

There are times when we need to add images or some information to the existing product to keep them updated. So, you can do this by utilizing the bulk import feature. All you need to do is to create a CSV file and import the SKU field as well as the fields that need to be updated. Refresh the page to make sure that the changes made are implemented successfully on the Magento storefront.

The above tips can help you run your product pages perfectly and also make them user-friendly. If, however, you feel that this is not the area of your skill set or you didn’t find time to manage the storefront, then you can outsource Magento product upload services to Faith eCommerce. We the team of Faith eCommerce services provide full solutions of Magento catalog management that includes new product upload, existing product upload, bulk image upload, etc.

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