10 Upcoming Projects in Dubai

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Dubai never fails to mesmerize by its extravagant beauty. The beauty which is synchronized to mega projects of Dubai. The projects that raise the bar for Dubai’s success and international recognition. International recognition is the main reason that tourists from all around the world are attracted to Dubai’s beauty and can’t help visiting this impeccable and sumptuous state again and again.

And do you know that some exemplary projects are going to launch in Dubai very soon that will leave you awestruck? Yes, you read that right. Without any further due, let’s discuss some nitty-gritty details about those approaching projects in Dubai.

A Museum With Awe-Struck Architecture

Firstly, we have an infrastructure with awe-inspiring architecture named The Museum Of Future. This breathtaking monument will be covered with Arabic Calligraphy which will be illuminated with LED lights. This incredible project is all set to open in 2021. Worldwide exhibitions will be carried out in this museum. Hands down, The museum of the future is going to be the most intricate building in this world.

The World’s Largest Observation Wheel

Secondly, we have the world’s largest observation wheel on our list named Ain Dubai which has recently opened on 21st October 2021. One can never have enough of Dubai’s prepossessing scenery, right? And this gigantic Ferris Wheel will provide you with a 360-degree view of Dubai’s alluring landscape. Dubai eye wheel consists of three different kinds of cabins, observation, social, and private cabins, and the exhilarating ride comprises 38 minutes.

In addition to that, you can avail of amazing packages to enjoy your time with your family or friends in those mesmerizing cabins. You can even celebrate special occasions in the private cabins of this Ferris wheel. All you have to do is buy Ain Dubai Tickets, and then you are all set to ride above and beyond the unrealistic and exceptional landscape of Dubai with the largest Ferris wheel.

Residential and Commercial Attractions

Thirdly, we have an approaching project that will not only cover residential and commercial attractions but entertaining attractions as well which is named as the Meydan One.  This project is under-construction, and is expected to be completed within 2021. On top of all the attractions, Meydan One will mesmerize the visitors with the world’s highest dancing fountains that reach 380 meters. Sounds delirious, right?

A Resort that portrays Royal Vibes

Who doesn’t like royal vibes or doesn’t want to get the royal treatment, right? The fourth approaching project is for all those people who are always looking for an idiosyncratic yet sumptuous and lavish experience in Dubai. You must be intrigued to know that project’s name, right? The project is named Atlantis, the Royal which will consist of resorts and residencies. The project is expected to be completed by 2021- 2022. Atlantis, the Royal will have iconic architecture with a rooftop infinity pool in addition to 90 swimming pools for an exhilarated and peerless experience.

The Tallest Beguiling and Captivating Tower

Fifthly, we have the tallest beguiling and captivating tower named Dubai Creek Tower. Have you ever imagined that a tower will be created in Dubai that will raise your expectations higher even more than Burj Khalifa? Sounds unrealistic, right? But Dubai is all set to turn this unreal into reality by completing Dubai Creek tower in 2022. Surely, it will be one of the top tourist attractions of Dubai.

The Most Enthralling and Coolest Attraction

Sixthly, we have the most enthralling and coolest upcoming attraction in Dubai designated as Deira Islands. The completion date for this bewitching project is within 2021. This project will be an amalgamation of extravagant residencies, captivating beach resorts, sumptuous hotels, impeccable malls, and many other entertaining attractions. Sounds like it will turn out to be the best destination for a mini staycation in Dubai.

An Enchanting Project Inspired From Real Palms

Seventhly, we have an enchanting project inspired by the real palms on board. This approaching project is named after its inspiration and is called The Palm Tower. This iconic project will comprise lavish services and extravagant facilities with mesmerizing views of Dubai’s scenery from the top of this entrancing tower.

There will be residential apartments and studios as well. This project is supposed to be completed within 2021 which means you won’t have to wait any longer for it. It’s located will be Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. Its flawless architecture and design will leave you awe-struck and captivated.

Not One, But Two Entrancing Islands

On the eighth number, we have an approaching project that will comprise not one but two entrancing islands. Yes, you read that right. These two islands will be stationed around Burj Al Arab and will be named Marsa Al Arab. One island will comprise extravagant and sumptuous villas for residents, and the other one will comprise top-notch entertainment attractions for tourists and visitors. It is expected to be completed by late 2021. These entrancing islands will let the residents of Dubai have an experience of a Marina that will be unparalleled in its charm and beauty.

Walking on The Sky- Dubai Sky Walk

On the ninth number, we have a project that will make you feel like that you are walking in the sky. Sounds astonishing, right? This unrealistic project named Dubai Sky Walk is all set to open doors for visitors in 2021. This Sky Walk is going to be 200 meters high which will let you have a bird’s eye view of Dubai’s alluring, beguiling, and prepossessing scenery. If you are concerned about your safety then don’t be because they’ll have an arrangement of safety harnesses for the visitors. Isn’t that great?

The Most Vast and Significant Project- Solar park

Last but not the least, we have the vastest and significant project on our list designated as Solar Park. This park will not be an ordinary park as it will render Dubai’s success to another level. The vision behind this upcoming project is to make Dubai clean by using natural resources to generate power. This significant project is expected to be completed in 2022.

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