How to Unlock PDF Signature Restriction

Unlock PDF Signature

Are you looking for a solution to remove the signature restriction in a PDF file? Don’t know the way to unlock PDF signature without a password? Then, don’t worry you are in the right place!! As in this write-up, we are focused on the reasons to delete signing restrictions and an easy solution to delete reliably signed pdf security.

Portable Document Format(PDF) widely used file format for its security purpose. It is the most preferred document format to exchange information. Usually, users put the password and add restrictions to protect the file from authorized access. So that the file can be opened by an authorized user. Not only permissions password can restrict a user to make modifications on a PDF file, but also a digital signature would make a signed PDF document not modifiable.

But in some situations, you require to remove the signature restrictions from the file. For this, we are described as the best approach for unlock PDF file signature restriction.

Before proceeding, let’s put points on the difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature.

An electronic signature is an electronic process that is associated with a record or contract. It is used to sign the document or the contract. It reveals the intent of the signer to sign the document. Whereas a digital signature is used to validate the document to maintain its authenticity. It is normally used to secure the digital document.

User Query

“I have a document and it needs to be signed. So when I have opened this file in Acrobat Pro DC and found the sign option is grayed out. For, this I was searched over the web for reason behind this disability, then I get that this file has signing restriction. So can anyone suggest a relevant tool to enable the sign button?”

let’s put points on some other scenarios to remove PDF signature protection

Reasons to Unlock PDF File With Digital Signature

1. If you require to upload a signed document and the file has signing restriction, then to sign in a file you have to delete signed PDF security before uploading.
2. If you get a file for review and after reviewing when you are clicking on fill & sign option to sign, then you will found the fill & sign option is disabled because of security. In this case, you have to remove PDF signature restriction.

Solution for How to Unlock PDF File Locked by Signature

PDF Document Unlocker Software is the perfect method to delete PDF signature. This tool supports both Windows and Mac operating systems to erase security. It is compatible with both owner level and user level restrictions within a second. The most interesting feature of this tool, it can unlock PDF signature restrictions or all other restrictions without using a restriction password. It maintains the document integrity and security, even after the removal of restrictions

Remove PDF Signature For Windows OS User

Follow these below steps to delete PDF signed security

Step 1: Download and install the tool on Windows system

Step 2: Click on Unlock to move forward

Step 3: Now, click on Browse to upload the signed restricted PDF document

Step 4: Generates a preview of the current document Permission Status

Step 5: Click on Browse to select a destination location

Note: If the destination location doesn’t exist, then you can alternatively choose the Make New Folder box.

Step 6: Next, click Unlock PDF to unlock PDF signature security

Note: This tool shows the comparison of the file restriction before & after unlocking the PDF document after the removal of restrictions.

Remove PDF Signature Protection on Mac OS

Step 1: Launch the software in your Mac system

Step 2: Click Add File(s) or Add Folder(s)

Note: This tool allows us to erase PDF signed security in batch mode

Step 3: As soon as a file is loaded you will preview the status of the PDF files as Pending

Step 4: Now click on Unlock to proceed further

Step 5: After the completion of the unlocking process, the status of the file changed from Pending to Completed

Summing Up

This blog explains a proficient tool to unlock PDF signature in a matter of time. If a user lost the password of signature security, then this tool will become a perfect solution to overcome this situation. This tool can remove signing or all of the restrictions from the file without using a password. The utility is so easy and simple to use the even non-technical user can use it.

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