Unique Birthday Flowers That Will Brighten Up The Day

Birthdays call for gifts. Sometimes, a lot of it. But is any birthday gift really complete without a bunch of flowers? After all, flowers are often considered to be the best gift in the world.

Confused about which flowers to buy for the next birthday party you attend? Here are some unique and beautiful flowers that will make any birthday celebration special. And if you need a birthday flower bouquet delivery in Ottawa, head straight to Alta Vista Flowers online flower shop. Now no more confusion about “where to buy flowers near me” because you have the answer!


Sunflowers originated about 3000 years ago in the American subcontinent. Today, there are about 80 different species of sunflowers. These flowers range from pale yellow to bright orange-yellow in color, and appear in a variety of sizes as well. Sunflowers are one of the sturdiest flowers in the world, and they stay fresh as cut flowers for about 4-6 weeks if you take care of them properly. Sunflowers are a popular choice for birthday flowers because they represent joy, happiness, optimism, and good luck. 

Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium Orchids are one of the most popular orchid flowers available in the USA. This beautiful flower thrives with very little care. Along with other tropical flowers, cymbidium orchids add a special charm to any bouquet it is added to. These flowers originated in China and became popular in the western countries since the 19th century. The flowers are bright, pretty, and very long-lasting. Need a same day flower delivery in Ottawa? Don’t forget to select the ‘Same Day Delivery’ option when you shop from Alta Vista Flowers.


Daffodils, also known as Narcissus, are the birth month flower for December babies. This beautiful flower with white petals and a yellow center is the inspiration of poets. After all, who hasn’t read Wordsworth’s great lines about these exquisite blooms! Daffodils are a good choice for birthday flowers both because of their refreshing looks and the symbolisms attached to them. Daffodils represent hope and good luck. They are also associated with gratitude and optimism. In short, they make a perfect birthday present for anyone.


Another interesting flower choice for birthday bouquets is Aster. Generally, a flower arrangement solely made of Asters is not common, but these small and attractive flowers are combined with other flowers like rose, lily, gerbera, or carnation to create amazing floral bouquets. Asters come in shades of purple, blue, and white. Asters are associated with pride, loyalty, and regality. If you want to make someone feel very special, asters will do that for you. And if you want a gift basket delivery in Ottawa along with these exquisite flowers, log on to Alta Vista flowers now!