Understanding The Biological Links of Depression with Steven Rindner

Steven Rindner

Depression affects many men and women across the world. It is an illness that affects the quality of life and their relationships with others. Many people do not even know that it is linked to genetics. This might seem surprising. However, it is true. Science has backed this claim, and so when one experiences low to high levels of depression, its effects could be lifelong or remain a temporary illness in life. 

Steven Rindner- how does genetics impact the mood of a person 

Steven Rindner is a Bio major, studying in New York. He loves to learn about life sciences and share his discoveries on his blog. According to him, genetics is accountable for several types of illnesses that people face regarding their behavior. Studies have displayed that a person with a first-degree relative like a sibling or a parent with depression is more likely to suffer from depression as well. There is, in fact, a three times chance of the person experiencing the same levels of depression-like the relative. 

Steven Rindner

Other factors and genes 

Researchers state that it is probably due to the interplay between genes and other factors like trauma and environment, resulting in a person suffering from depression. Genetic variations also play a role in the link between genes and depression in people. This is based on the idea that specific features like the eye color of a person depend upon the combination of the genes of both the parents and, in some cases, like some altering agent that affects the melanin production. However, there is still some research left to prove the above although the genetic factor is a major field of study being conducted every day.

The relationship between serotonin and depression 

Some studies suggest a link between the levels of serotonin and depression. There is a gene for depression that a survey conducted by British researchers has identified. It is also known as the feel-good chemical that permits the neurons in the brain to communicate. Certain factors like the environment have resulted in depression in about 40% of the 800 families that have been placed. There is, in fact, a three times chance of the person experiencing the same levels of depression-like the relative. 

Treatment for depression 

An excellent doctor needs to determine the cause of depression and devise a customized treatment plan for the patient. The links for depression are being studied, and he claims there are therapies available for depression in psychotherapy, meditation, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). It has been seen that genes impact how the treatment administered to the individual will work out. An excellent doctor needs to determine 

According to Steven Rindner, several people suffer from depression, which should never be taken lightly. If you or anyone you know is prone to depression, make sure you go ahead and help the person. If the person does not get help, they might take drastic steps, which can even lead to self-injury or suicide. Please consult a doctor to ensure they get the support needed to reduce the adverse effects of depression and lead a meaningful life. 

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