In 2021, the Ultimate Guide to Custom Retail Packaging

Custom retail packaging

With over 1 million retail establishments in the United States alone, it’s no surprise that custom retail packaging is more crucial than ever. How do you set yourself out from the competition in a sea of retailers?

Because of the sheer quantity of retail establishments, it’s tempting to believe that standing out is more difficult than brain surgery (props to all you brain surgeons out there). But… 64 percent of people buy goods off the shelf without ever hearing of the company.

And custom retail packaging is the most important element to consider.

To make an impact, grow your brand, and produce more income, you don’t have to be the biggest name in your business. Custom retail bags packaging that screams from the (physical and digital) shelf is required.

I have some excellent news for you, so you can let out that breath you’ve been holding. It turns out that creating unique retail packaging isn’t quite as difficult as brain surgery. Whew!

Consider unique retail packing boxes to be your outwardly hidden secret weapon

You might be asking how a visible secret weapon is possible. Custom retail packing boxes are, in fact, visible to the naked eye. The numerous degrees of multi-functionality, on the other hand, add a non-icky layer of secrecy. Custom packaging can be used to:

Ensure the safety of your goods throughout their journey.

Tell a joke, an interesting anecdote, or a narrative that can help you establish your brand.

Provide useful details about your product.

Assist customers in deciding if it’s right for them.

Increase the impact of your one-of-a-kind selling proposition.

Give instructions on how to utilize your product.

All of the preceding

Packaging’s capacity to influence purchasing behavior makes it a valuable tool to have in your toolbox. Still not persuaded? Let’s take a moment to discuss why custom retail packaging is a win-win situation for your company.

The retail packaging is completely customizable

Custom retail packaging adapts to your demands, whether your products are large or tiny. Every size can be customized to beautifully display and protect your merchandise.

However, size isn’t the only factor to consider. You (or your designer) can add whatever you want to your retail packaging to make it an extension of your brand.

There are no limits to what you can do!

Attract new clients and convert them into ardent supporters

64 percent of in-store shoppers said they purchase products based on their packaging. They also claim that they don’t feel compelled to perform any additional research on the brand or product before purchasing it. As a result, well-designed custom retail packaging can help you attract new customers.

Furthermore, 40% of customers feel that gift-like packaging makes them want to buy from you again. Furthermore, effective packing increases the likelihood of a customer recommending you to a friend by 50%. Customers who receive custom retail packaging become brand evangelists who:

They will tell their friends about your company.

On social media, they can share their stories.

Additionally, make recurring purchases.

A new customer’s first introduction to your brand is through retail packaging.

For many customers, your retail packaging is their first point of contact with your brand. Furthermore, you just have seven seconds to establish a strong first impression. Every one of those seconds is used wisely by smart custom packaging to deliver a powerful message.

Without saying anything, product packaging is your chance to make a great first impression. Additionally, it allows customers to determine whether or not they are interested in your business before investing any money.

The perceived worth of a brand is increased by high-quality retail packaging

The value of a product is increased by premium packaging. Furthermore, 44% of buyers believe that superior packaging adds to a product’s worth. As a result, custom retail packaging that is of excellent quality adds value to your products and business.

You can increase profit margins by charging more for the same thing for a minimal investment. All while increasing the purchasing experience for your customers.

Word-of-mouth marketing + custom retail packaging

Customer-generated content is becoming increasingly popular on social media. User-generated content, according to 68 percent of Millenials, speaks to the quality of your brand.

Add to that the fact that 40% of customers will share photographs of your brand on social media because of its unusual packaging. What do you end up with? Another compelling argument for the importance of specialized retail packaging.

Branding and the unpacking experience are important to your customers

Every month, over 90,000 individuals search YouTube for unboxing videos. So you’re aware that your target audience is on the lookout. It’s also no secret that both you and your clients benefit from the unpacking experience (and potential customers).

If you think this simply pertains to e-commerce stores, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. It’s an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up in a world where package design influences 3/4 of consumers.

What about those unboxing videos?

They assist you in forming a brand community. People want to feel the same way you do when they see someone else fall in love with what you do. As a result, consider the surge in popularity of unboxing videos as a signal that it’s time to act.

Take advantage of this opportunity to be creative with your copy and package design.

Consider what you can add to make the experience more memorable. It is your job to provide your clients with a branded experience. What can you do to exceed their expectations?

Make customers want to interact with and touch your packaging if you sell in stores. Take advantage of the opportunity to persuade them to take your box off the shelf, pay for it, and take it home. Consider what you can do to entice them to share their stories.

All of the above can be solved with custom retail packaging.

Understanding the various sorts of retail packaging products that might make your company stand out

The type of retail packaging you require is determined by how you run your business. E-commerce products demand greater protection, whereas shelf-stable products require less. So, which ones are best for your company?

Retail packaging in brick and mortar stores

Whether you own a store or sell to other retailers, product packaging plays an important role in expressing your story. Custom retail packaging’s role in a physical store is to:

Make your product stand out on the shelf by using the following tips.

Dust and wear and tear protection for your goods

Encourage customers to look more closely.

Demonstrate your brands and product’s worth.

Serve as an extension of your company’s brand.

Custom folding carton boxes are a great way to show off your products in the store. To improve the user experience, you should also consider designing unique marketing displays.

Retail packaging for e-commerce

E-commerce enterprises do not have the opportunity to interact with customers or provide customers a hands-on experience with their brand. As a result, there are considerably fewer possibilities for your values and brand message to be embedded. As a result, every opportunity is crucial.

After a customer purchases from you, unique retail packaging allows you to complete your story and make a lasting impression on them. When it comes to e-commerce retail packaging, you should:

As your products make their way to your customer’s porch, keep them safe.

Make your customers feel something – emotions are a great way to do this. Showcase your attention to detail and genuine concern for the customer experience by sticking with customers on a daily basis.

Reinforce why they choose you by using your brand values and messaging.

Encourage customers to stay in touch with your company.

Customers will not be able to stop talking about how wonderfully you’ve done.

For e-commerce retail, custom mailer boxes or custom shipping boxes are the best options. They’re entirely customizable, long-lasting, and ideal for delivering goods to customers.

Folding cartons made to order

Specific folding cartons are a sophisticated solution for your custom retail packaging requirements. They’re great for in-store customer-facing products and as a finishing touch on subscription box packaging. They’re lightweight, simple to open, and adaptable.

Folding cartons are ideal for selling makeup or anything else in the cosmetics sector (or any other industry, for that matter). They provide an additional layer of product protection while also allowing your brand to shine.

Retail gift boxes with a logo

Your company can use branded retail gift boxes to turn utilitarian packaging into a powerful marketing tool. You can offer your consumers the feeling of receiving a gift by using well-designed gift boxes, whether it’s for a friend or for themselves.

Whether your goods is on the store or in the mail, gift boxes can assist add an exciting aspect? Custom mailer boxes from Fast Custom Boxes are ideal for e-commerce products and shelf-ready displays.

Retail bags with a logo

Giving customers a chance to interact with your company after they’ve made a purchase goes a long way. Customers know they’ll have additional interaction with your company if you have an e-commerce brand. When they receive your product in the mail, for example.

Extending that extra touchpoint to in-store shoppers, on the other hand, can have an impact. People anticipate their interaction with your brand to end when they reach home. Branded retail bags, on the other hand, help to extend their exposure after customers leave the store.

Some of the most common types of branded retail bags are as follows:

Paper gift bags with your brand and message printed on them

Customers are proud to use reusable retail bags again and again.

To make lugging their new purchases easier, they used plastic bags.

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