What Are The Features That You Should Integrate In Your Uber Clone Taxi App Admin Panel

Uber Clone

The Uber clone admin panel provides a one-stop shop for managing and controlling your complete app. It allows you to assign functions to applications and even get a bird’s-eye view of the map to see how your fleet is distribute at any one time. It also lets you monitor how many rides are being book through your app and how much money you’re making on each one. Everything from levies to vehicle types and rates can be change in value. You may also browse all reports to better plan your business.

This robust dashboard has been create after thoughtful consideration. Having bought Uber Clone Script eliminates the need for having technical knowledge and attending to any technical issues.

The Taxi Booking App Solution is easy to use with a user-friendly interface. Partnering it with a dependable App development company like V3Cube with years of experience knows so well about developing a competitive Uber Clone App.

However, the blog is specifically focusing on Uber Clone Taxi Booking App Admin Dashboard Panel. Hence, we will be talking all in detail about the Administrator Panel.

Admin Dashboard Has Attractive & Easy Interface

When you go to “Admin Dashboard” you will see on the right-hand side has a vertical panel with varied features integrated that control and automates the business operations.

The powerful Dashboard of Admin usually comprises of following features:

Company Management          

The Admin has control over the companies that have registered with the system. He has access to all paperwork and drivers registered with any company. If necessary, the Admin has the authority to make adjustments.

God’ View

The Admin can see all of the Taxis on the global map. All online taxis will reflect their busy or empty state using a real-time GPS tracking system. The administrator can also see all of the Taxis in real-time and click on any Driver to acquire basic information about them.

Driver Management

The app’s administrator can manage the drivers who have signed up for it. He or she can look over the documents that have been uploaded, as well as the car information that has been added. The administrator has the power to approve or reject applications. Once their application is approved, the drivers are contacted and can begin earning right away.

Taxi/Vehicle Management

The Admin has control over the Taxis/Vehicles that the drivers have added. They have complete authority over the vehicle’s inspection and approval or rejection if any irregularities are discovered.

Managing Rental Packages

This section manages the prices of varied vehicles. The Admin can make modifications and prepare different packages based on Basic, Luxurious, Moto, etc.

Trip Management

Admin can view all the Trips done so far on the System. Admins can filter trips by date, company, driver, and rider, as well as view invoices for any given trip.

Manual Taxi Dispatch

Anyone who does not have the Uber clone app on their phone, such as the elderly or people who are not comfortable using technology to request a cab over the phone, can call Your Taxi Company and book a taxi.

They are not required to register or log in in any way. After collecting information such as your name, email address, pick-up, and drop-off locations, time and date, and so on, Admin will manually dispatch a taxi for you. Admins can choose whether to choose a driver manually or let the system do it for them. The Taxi will arrive at the specified time, and the Rider will receive the Driver’s details X minutes before the arranged travel time.

Heat Map Reviews

Admin can identify where the most people are looking for a cab so that they can be diverted to those locations and take advantage of the requirement.


This area will allow the admin to see all of the reviews that have been left on the app for the Drivers by Riders and the Riders by Riders. This will be exportable to an excel sheet report by the administrator.

Advertisement Banners             

Use this section to advertise, highlight, or even show off your app’s numerous features and services. You can also fill in all of the facts from this section, and the data you enter will display on the first page of the application.

Canceled Trip Alerts

You can see how many rides the driver has denied or canceled in this section. You’ll have also access to detailed information on each driver. In this section, you can also decide whether one should block the driver or continue getting ride requests.


Payment Reports, Total Earning Reports, Referral Reports, User Wallet Reports, Driver Payment Reports, Driver Log Reports, and more reports are available in the report area for you to examine as an administrator. Using our advanced Payment reports, you can check how much money you’re making. Examine areas where you need to put in more work, such as raising or lowering the commission or concentrating on marketing. Our detailed reports can help you plan your business properly.

Apart from the above-mentioned features available in Admin Dashboard of  Uber Clone Taxi Booking App, there are other features like Add location, Manage locations, Restricted area, Add restricted areas, Location wise fare, Airport surcharge, Utility, General Settings, Send push-notifications, and more.

In Conclusion

Our goal was to give you the best guidance and to stress the most important aspects of designing a taxi booking application. V3Cube App Development Company has a highly qualified and experienced development team.

Your taxi booking app will be developed with the help of the app representative. It would be fantastic if you could try out the Uber Clone App Admin Panel Demo. As a result, you’ll have a better understanding of how the software works in general.