How can Uber App clone Help your Business?

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What is An Uber like Clone App?

An Uber like app is exactly what it sounds like. An app developed on the model or the skeleton of how the Uber app works is known as the Uber Clone app. This app predominantly accesses the features of the Uber app and tries to help other entrepreneurs grow their own taxi businesses seamlessly. 

Reasons to Go With Uber Clone Script

The Uber clone app essentially works like a market place that allows riders and drivers to come together to buy and sell their services. There are many reasons why an entrepreneur should go for the Uber Clone app. Let us try to delve into each of these reasons to find out why you must go for the Uber App Clone. 

A. Easy solution for everyone

The Uber clone app is multi dimensional and therefore offers convenience not just to the Riders who can easily book a cab, but also to the rivers and the app owner. It provides an opportunity to the Drivers to make their services more available and accessible while also empowering the app owner to make a commission with each booking. 

B. Offering Clarity with respect to Price, Car Type and Location

Every single issue faced by riders and driver can collectively be solved by the technology used in building the app. For example, there is absolute clarity with respect to the price of the ride fare, the rider has the choice of vehicle and there is no ambiguity in regards to the location. 

C. Autonomous Independence of Taking Jobs

There is certain autonomy for the drivers to pick and choose the rides or jobs that they want. They can set their availability within the app so that they can only get the requests for the jobs when they are available to take it. 

D. Customer Centric 

The app provides the app owners the perfect opportunity for both the business owner and the driver to deliver services that the rider actually wants. It opens up a direct line of communication with the Rider to deliver maximum efficiency. 

How much time does it take to develop an app like Uber?

The Uber clone app might appear to be a simple one, but it sure takes a lot of time and money to build it. There are many small APIs and modules that need to be added to it to make it a functional real time app. An entire team that includes content writers, app developers, web developers, app designers, market researchers, quality analysis, and project managers need to work for at least a year to make this app. There are operational expenses to the app as well, such as investing in a state of the art development center, getting the infrastructure for it ready not to mention the cost of the technology stack.

Overall, it is safe to say that building an Uber clone app from the ground up can lead the b ill to be well over a hundred thousand dollars. However, if you invest in a readymade uber clone app built by a company that specializes in making on demand apps who can then white label it for you with your logo and brand name; you will definitely own it for a fraction of that amount.

The only thing that you need to be careful of is to make sure that you test the app thoroughly before you actually invest in it. Try downloading the demo of the application on multiple devices and run multiple trial runs to experience the app in its totality. 

Also note that while you may believe that most uber clone apps are similar, the admin panel of every app will be different. You have to find one that you are most comfortable with because you will have to manage your day to day operations from it. 

Monetization from the Uber Clone app

The primary function of any business is to make money. So, one question that most entrepreneurs have is how will the Uber clone app make money for them considering that it is free for download and installation? Here are some of the key ways in which the app monetizes the revenues. 

1. Data Monetization

The king of every business today is leads or data. Data allows businesses to analyse and predict consumer behavior. For every interaction that the user has with any kind of app, they exchange data. Said data can easily be anonymized to protect the user’s privacy and then quantified to gain insight into the behavior of the market. It will allow you to understand how you can better your services to make more money. 

One thing that the app owner has to understand that none of this data collection interferes with the user’s experience in any way except for enhancing it and making it more seamless in every fashion. The generation of revenue is completely independent from the experience of the app. 

2. Growth through Referral 

Referral is a great way of increasing your user base, which results in growing number of bookings made via the app, which further results in direct profits. This means that word of mouth after having a good experience on the app will allow you to gain more customers without any additional cost. And like they say, money saved is money earned!

3. Commission per Booking

This is the most obvious and clear earning method with the app. Each time a user books a ride from any place to anywhere, the app earns you a direct commission. This commission can be equated as a convenience fee because the app offers a platform for the users to make sure that they can request and receive rides instantaneously. 

The best part about the app is that you as the app owner can select and set a commission percentage yourself from the admin panel. This percentage rate can be modified as per your understanding of the market needs at any time. 

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