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WordPress stands for Content Management System i.e. CMS, which is used to create a website or blog. It is built with the help of MySQL and PHP.

A web server i.e. web hosting is required to download and install WordPress. And if you have to host then you can install WordPress very easily.

With the help of this WordPress, you get a very simple user interface, from which you can easily manage the content of your website.

If you have to make any changes to the WordPress website, then for this you will not need any coding or programming at all. Yes, you can do everything without knowing the coding of a WordPress website.

Here you can keep the structure and design of the website as per your choice and you can change it whenever you want. For this, you are provided with many different themes.

If you want to add new features to your website, then you have to install different plugins for it. WordPress ( WordPress course in Rohini )  already provides you with many plugins, all you have to do is install and activate them.

Types of WordPress:-

There are two types of WordPress, one wordpress.com and the other wordpress.org and both of them are completely different. But both these platforms are made by WordPress itself.

There are many people who are very confused about these two and they do not understand what is the difference between these two and on which of these two it is right to make their website or blog.

That’s why I thought I should answer all the questions related to it so that you do not have any confusion between these two and understand everything.

1. WordPress.com:

This is a platform of WordPress, where you can create a blog for free. It does not require any web hosting and domain name.

WordPress.com is exactly like Google’s product blogger.com, where you can do all the work without spending any money. But here it takes a long time to get your result.

Here you cannot create a blog of your choice and cannot do many things because here you get only limited features.

If you are new to blogging and want to do blogging only for some time, then you can use WordPress.com or blogger.com.

2. WordPress.org:

This is a paid platform of WordPress i.e. here you have to invest some money to make a website or blog because for this you have to buy hosting.

Here you can create a very good website and prepare this website according to your choice and then change everything later.

To create a website on this platform, you need a domain name and hosting, which you can buy from websites like Namecheap, Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger, GoDaddy, etc.

After this, you have to add the domain name and hosting together and you have to download and install this WordPress. Now your website is ready, now all you have to do is to design and publish the blog post.

All the successful bloggers in today’s time, all work on this WordPress and if you also want to make a career in blogging then you should also use this WordPress.org.

Features of WordPress:- 

By the way, WordPress has many features, but here you will get to see some important features of WordPress, which is very important for you to know.

So let us now know about the important features of WordPress:-

1. Themes:

WordPress offers you many free themes, out of which you can select the theme of your choice and apply it to your website.

If you do not like free themes, then there are many such paid themes, which you can buy and install on your website.

The theme is the most important part of your website and blog and theme decide how your website is going to look, so apply it on your website after thinking carefully.

Note:- Before updating the theme, take a backup of your website once.

2. Plugins:

If you want to add new features to your website, then for this you will find many different plugins here.

Many plugins are already present in WordPress, which you can activate by installing according to your need.

Like themes, plugins are also available in WordPress, both free and paid, but in paid plugins, you will get to see more features than the free ones.

3. SEO (search engine optimization):

If you see from the point of view of SEO, then WordPress is very good for you because the search engine helps in ranking the WordPress website first.

WordPress helps a lot in optimizing your website, due to which this type of website or blog is able to rank in search engines.

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Advantages of WordPress:-

There are many benefits of using WordPress, not just one or two, so let’s look at their benefits one by one.

WordPress offers an open-source platform, due to which it can be downloaded for free and it can also be used easily.

Even if you do not have a little knowledge of coding or programming, you can create a website very easily with the help of WordPress.

WordPress is very easy to use, everything from creating a website to publishing content can be done easily.

It is very easy to install it on the hosting server i.e. web hosting.

With the help of WordPress, any kind of website or blog can be created and even a website like e-commerce can be created easily.

The website built on WordPress is mobile friendly as well as SEO friendly.

There are already many themes available here, which you can apply on the website of your choice.

If you want to add new features to your website, then WordPress also provides you with many plugins.

Disadvantages of WordPress:-

There are many such tasks, which cannot be done without coding, and for WordPress, you have to learn a little programming, such as HTML, CSS, PHP.

To create a website with WordPress, web hosting is required, that is, you will have to spend some money to buy hosting.

You cannot even use more plugins because it can reduce the loading speed of your website.

Here you have to apply the theme on the website very carefully so that your website can look attractive.

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