Types of Window Glass Crack and How to fix them

cracked glass is to install a new window

Glass crack can happen due to several reasons. How it cracks and how damaging that crack is varied on the kind of glass it is. The first step is to recognize what type of crack the glass got. There are three types of glass in commercial and residential glass manufacturing that are quite common.

Impact cracks

An impact crack happens by something hitting the glass and getting in immediate contact. This could be a stone, a ball, or even a bird hitting the window. You can understand this type of crack happens at the center area of contact, with lines that then expand all over the circumference.

Stress cracks

In most situations, a stress crack will begin out small and often closer to the edge of the window. As time passes, it will gradually expand across the whole pane of glass. This kind of glass crack normally happens at temperatures that switch quickly. Stress cracks can also happen due to closing a door/window quickly.

Pressure cracks

Pressure cracks are mostly seen in double-paned windows or insulated glass windows. They generally happen due to notable temperature changes or windows wrongly installed. They are normally curved and do need new windows.

Temporarily Fix a Cracked Window

There are a few easy, quick fixes you can perform, but the truly safe and permanent fix for a cracked glass is to install a new window. If you’re looking for a temporary solution while searching for the perfect new windows for your house, you can go with any of the following methods:

Masking Tape

Try using masking tape on both sides of the crack on the glass. This will maintain the glass intact and avert it from breaking anymore, while constantly keeping the water to leak through. Ensure to expand the tap for a distance more from the crack on both sides, pressing it gently into the glass for good results.

Glass Adhesives

Nicely clean the broken area, wash out any potential debris with an eyedropper before using tape to the backside of the crack. This will resist the adhesive from leaking out from the other side of the window. Utilize a syringe or brush to apply the adhesive to the cracked area and let it dry entirely before you pull out the tape.

Thick Plastic Cover

Pasting a thick plastic covering on the cracked window will keep out any drafts and bugs from entering the room. Cut a piece of large plastic from a shower curtain, shopping bag, tarp, or another material made up of a plastic sheet, enough to cover the entire area of broken glass. Apply duct tape to stick the edges of the plastic with the glass window.

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