Types of Trail Cameras & Placement Guide

trail cameras

Today, trail cameras are very useful and important whether you are using them for taking pictures of nature and wildlife, recording videos of wildlife, and for protecting your home or property. For wildlife photographers, a trail or game camera is an amazing camera that allows the photographer to capture and record wildlife without scaring and disturbing their activities. For hunters and trackers, game cameras give them the advantage to show the best location and area for hunting and feeding the animals. 

For home and property security reasons, trail cameras give you the benefit that you can see all the activities around the area without being there. The trail camera is better than other cameras because you can use it in a multipurpose way for security, for photography, for wildlife recording. It is the best camera nowadays in the market which is affordable and budget-friendly. 

So, here are the types of game camera on the market. In this article, we will see the types of trail or game cameras to help you to decide which trail camera you should buy for your purpose.

Types of Trail Cameras

Cellular Trail Camera 

A cellular trail camera is a small camera that will capture pictures and send them to your mobile or cell phone wirelessly. It comes in small sizes like a mobile or cell phone. So, like mobile and cell phone cellular trail cameras require a sim card and good internet. Many modern and advanced cellular trail cameras come with very good motion detection and night vision features that capture very effective pictures and high-quality videos. It is very easy to carry because of its small size. It is a wireless camera so you can install and set up it very easily without any difficulty.    

Wi-Fi Wireless Trail Camera

A wireless Wi-Fi trail camera is generally used for indoor purposes. You have to make sure the camera is connected to a wi-fi network. Because this camera is capable of streaming live video. You can see live broadcasts of your property by installing wireless Wi-Fi trail cameras into your farmhouse. It needs a Wi-Fi network so it is only best for indoor security purposes, not good for outdoor purposes or outdoor hunting. You can place this camera in your parking or garden area for security reasons if your Wi-Fi network range is wide.  

You can use it for your small baby room and also as a pet camera to see activities of them when you are not around. By placing this camera in your backyard, you can watch all activities if there is any animal coming at night time. But you have to make sure that the camera is always connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Infrared Trail Cameras 

Infrared trail cameras are one of the best and ideal options for outdoor hunting purposes, tracking purposes, and wildlife video footage purposes. Infrared trail cameras are very useful for recording videos and capturing pictures at night time because they detect every small movement and click the picture with sufficient light in the nighttime, too. You can get the best video quality in the evening and nighttime without using flash by using this camera.    

The infrared sensor of the infrared trail camera is switched on and off automatically, so you don’t have any trouble using this camera. This camera-generated flash depends on the surrounding light of the area. You just have to place this camera in the right way and angle and need to be checked occasionally like once in 2 or 3 weeks.     

Placement Location Guide  

Wildlife camera gives you the advantage to see all the movements and activities are done in where you placed your trail camera. And to get better and more amazing results from your trail camera, you need to know where to put and place your trail or game camera. We will see where you need to place your trail camera for hunting purposes, photography purposes, and security purposes.

For Hunters, 

Mainly, Hunters or trackers have to place their trail or game cameras depending on the season. This means during the late summer, hunters should have to place their trail cameras near rivers and waterfall areas. Because animals will be looking for water during the summer season. 

For Photography Purpose,

For photography purposes, the location of the camera is very important. If you want to take bird photographs you have to place the camera facing the bird’s nest or near the nest. If you want to take photographs of animals you should place the camera on tall tree branches and face the camera lens at the ground side. 

For home security, 

For security reasons, you can place your trail camera as no one can see it normally. You can place the camera outside the parking wall, near tall trees, near small plants, and near windows. You must be sure that the camera is placed at the right angle.     

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