Types Of Tea’s And Their Benefits

Types Of Teas And Their Benefits

Tea- ‘The elixir of life’

Tea is an indispensable part of every household. In addition to the therapeutic aroma and flavor of this staple drink in our homes, there is a legacy of health benefits. What we have as a relaxing cup of tea comes with a bunch of powerful and hidden health benefits that makes us strong. 

Here are 5 research-backed reasons why you should have this energy-packed drink

  1. Research suggests that Polyphenols in tea contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. 
  2. Tea is rich in vitamins like A, D, K and B1 among others.
  3. Many minerals and organic ingredients present in tea contribute to improved digestion and blood circulation. 
  4. Anti-oxidants present in tea are more active than Vitamin C and E, boosting the immune system
  5. Tea contains anti-aging and antiseptic properties that help in slow aging with better cognitive function, prevent premature aging and aids in maintaining healthy skin.  

Indian chai

Indian tea menu has different concoctions of tea made with power foods like spices, ginger, lemon and honey all of which enhance the already existing benefits of Tea powder. Indian tea contains less processed tea leaves and is the purest form of tea with no added flavors or preservatives. Several types of tea are made with tea leaves by adding additional spices and ingredients that make Indian chai healthier and flavorsome. 

Types of Indian Teas and their health benefits

  1. Dum tea

Highly sought-after by tea lovers, Dum tea comes with the goodness of milk and rich nutrition. 

  1. Kullad tea

The earthy flavor of kullad mixes up with the richness of tea blended with Indian spices. Having tea in a kullad cup is not only eco-friendly but also the alkalinity of earthen clay pots reduce acidity. 

  1. Green tea

A cup of this tender brew is brimmed with health benefits that can increase metabolic rate and promote fat loss. A powerful source of antioxidants, this tea reduces the risk of cancers.  Amino acids in green tea improve the memory and cognitive ability of the brain.  

  1. Black tea

Black tea is the most energetic drink that improves gut health and metabolism. Black tea in particular contains polyphenols that protect our cells against any damage. 

  1. Masala tea

With high antioxidant properties, Masala tea is a naturally healthy tea. It improves digestion and maintains a healthy gut. Spices like cinnamon present in masala tea reduce bad cholesterol and blood pressure. 

  1. Lemon tea

This detoxifying blend combining the goodness of tea honey and lemon improves digestion, immune system and maintains healthy skin. It removes toxins from your body and dead cells from your skin. Honey in lemon tea reduces the discomfort due to cough and cold during infections and helps our body heal faster. 

  1. Ginger lemon tea

Ginger with its natural medicinal properties along with lemon aids in fighting germs and minor infections like a common cold. Research also indicates ginger in tea can be effective in managing weight and improves blood sugar. It also plays a vital role in reducing pain caused due to headaches and sore muscles. 

Wondering if you had these varieties available at one place? We’ve got you covered. Read along and find out more. 

One-stop tea café to keep your heart full

Tea Time, India’s best and the only beverage franchise is known for its variety of tea blends. Whether you are craving a perfect cup of favorite Hyderabadi chai or a healthier green tea, Tea Time is your go-to place that offers unique and authentic tea brews in more than 8 varieties. It’s the only tea company that follows scientific procedures and hygiene standards to offer authentic Indian tea. 

5 unique things to watch that TeaTime practices to create the natural goodness of tea. 

  1. Sulphur free sugar
  2. Zero artificial flavor
  3. Fresh ingredients
  4. Locally sourced 
  5. R&D labs to test and qualify the tea powders. 

Every cup at tea time is brewed with high-quality ingredients and is tested by professional tea tasters before it reaches customers.  

Ginger Lemon Tea and Dum tea are customer’s top picks. So make sure you try one of these from the elaborate menu. 

Disclaimer- The health benefits mentioned above are for informational purpose only and anyone with health conditions must consult a professional doctor. 

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