A Comprehensive Guide To Twitter Marketing For Startups

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the remunerative and entertaining platforms. People use this stage to get day-to-day updates and to connect with their friends. Anyone can enter the Twitter platform and begin their business. Twitter doesn’t bother what type of business you are running and your business length. Twitter is one of the first-class stages for the starters who want to begin their business.

Create Eye-Catching Profile 

In this place, you can arrest your target audience and get the same wavelength people. To provide informative details that impress your people.

Fix your goal, and your strategies must particularly or exactly focus on your goals. Add your website and other media links, including keywords, hashtags.

While choosing pictures for both profile pictures and background, make sure it’s relevant to your industry and brand. If you want to familiarize your brand, set your company logo or brand logo as your profile picture. Background image as your product image. Your profile expresses your brand personality.

Focus On Consistent In Tweets 

You can tweet anything that must be relevant to your industry, brand. Make sure to create interesting and innovative content for your audience’s preference. As per the guidelines, your content’s 10% must be beneficial information, even if your post promotes your industry or product.

Think if someone posts content about their events or any future occasion, that post will create some interest, and it encourages you to revisit them. Besides, it will generate eagerness for that particular event, right!. Same strategy you are going to work out.

Content Ideas To Gain Attention 

  • Your tweet can be about upcoming events, or you can ask suggestions about your future plan with your audience.
  • You can share your experience with what post inspires you or makes you laugh. Or something useful, profitable when you find you can share with your audience.
  • Create tweet with inspirational or philosophy quotes
  • To develop interaction among your followers you can ask interesting questions. Jump into current trending topics and ask questions related to that. It helps to grab instant attention and engagement.

Follow Other Accounts 

On Twitter, you can find millions of people to follow. But it will not work for you. If you want to enrich your business, follow people who are directly or indirectly profitable. First, explore people on Twitter who belong to your industry and fields. Try to connect and attach with them, follow their account, and react to their action to make them notice you. You can also follow the influencers, people who are interested in your industry. Following those people will help you gain followers and learn from them. Besides, you can connect with top people who succeed in your field. 

How To Reach Massive Followers?

Growing your followers at the beginning stage is little challenging stuff. You have to decide what to do, how to invest your time effectively, what type of content you must concentrate on. Don’t stress yourself to attain massive followers count, because the quality is worth more than quantity. Focus on building engaging, loyal followers for your account. 

Set-Up Your Possible Presence 

Whatever stuff you do on Twitter, whether it’s offline or online, must have your Twitter info on it, it produces more chances for people to interact and follow your account. Because your email or blog website may reach a peak among your audience that influences you to follow your account. By this method, you can direct everything on your Twitter page.

Few examples like,

  • Your email signature
  • Other social media profiles 
  • Your blog, website
  • Maybe your business card

Say Who Are You

One of the quickest ways to raise your followers is to make yourself known to the people as much as possible. I got your question- how to make yourself known ?. Simply follow the people whose profile is worthy, interested in your industry, or belong to your field. The people you follow will follow you back if your profile finds a match for them or feel you have the same interest and thoughts. Mostly 25%-50% of people on Twitter will follow you if you follow them.

Remove Who Don’t Follow You

Twitter allows only certain hundreds of people to follow, so if people who follow do not follow you, then remove from your account. Give some time for 3-5 days, then ignore them. Now you still have a chance to follow more accounts.

Engage And Interact With People 

The more you interact with the people, the more they follow you and get connected with you. First, post engaging tweets every day and tweet frequently to make people feel more on Twitter. Publish different kinds of content, try multimedia content more like posting excellent pictures, and videos with high-quality engagement. Come up with new content ideas like polls, asking questions. But confirm whatever content you post, it must directly or indirectly promote or influence your product. Ignore posting too many promotion posts and spend time making people entertainment. To increase interaction, follow the tips,

Respond To @Mention

Twitter Marketing

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If someone mentions or tags in their tweet, don’t forget to reply them back. Or ask any question with you, respond to them instantly. 


Practice retweeting someone’s tweets; When you retweet others’ content,  it not only helps you build relationships but supports you to yield more Twitter retweets.

Wrapping Up -Why Is Twitter Worthy For Business?

Once you start using Twitter, you will receive lots of fruitful stuff, like extending your network, by building a strong, engaging community. You can drag many audiences to your website or blog to increase their reach. You will notice your sales start rising when you are consistent with your strategies. Here you can connect with people that are with your customer, which you never practiced. With the right target audience, you can build your brand.

Here you meet new people every day with people who belong to your industry and the people you never met and connect with them. More chances to keep in touch with top people in your industry. Did you remember? In traditional marketing, people will accept or prefer unfamiliar people. But here you can build relationships with your followers with your frequent tweets. Invite them for any occasion via emails, Twitter cards. If you are running an online store or blog, promoting your blog content helps increase traffic to your particular website or blog.

To grow on Twitter, plan your strategies, and stick with the flow. If you want to get immediate attention from the people that keep track of current happenings and react to that.

Most importantly, schedule your tweet. It would be best to be active on Twitter, post regularly with equal time intervals, and with limited tweets. To make this easier, schedule your tweets. According to any occasions, events, regular content, plan your tweets and organize them.

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