Turquoise Stone: Color Types, healing powers, and How to Identify the Real One

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Turquoise Stone: Color Types, healing powers, and How to Identify the Real One

Turquoise – A Magical stone!

Yes, we can call it a magical stone, a versatile stone with vast effective properties. With its charming shade, this stunning stone has the eminence of being the only gemstone with a color named after it! A unique mineral with a beautiful greenish-blue hue. You must be wondering what is so captivating in them, making it a perfect choice for jewelry lovers.

wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer

Then, the answer is, Blue minerals are rare. That is why Turquoise catches attention in the gemstone market with its additional properties of unique colors and magical healing powers. We believe in enhancing your jewelry collection with our well-equipped wholesale turquoise gemstone jewelry, which gives your customers a wide range of happiness in our wide range of turquoise jewelry collections ranging from Sterling silver turquoise jewelry to many more. 

Choosing turquoise color!

Yes, Turquoise indeed evokes a certain feeling in our minds whenever we think of it! As mentioned above, Blue is the color that is mainly associated with Turquoise. But the reality is, it comes under a range of several shades of light sky blue, mid-range blues, deep blue, blue-green, vivid green, sea green, leaf green, and yellowish-green.

Blue is one of the most desirable colors when it’s about Turquoise, and yellowish-green is not preferred and considered the least desirable color. The color of Turquoise depends on its origin or location as well. Aside from its serene tone and unmatched appeal, it furnishes the wearer with a ton of astrological advantages too.

Color Pattern 

It has both warming and cooling effects in design. It’s often mottled and has dim splotches. Some turquoise stones have a fine snare of slight lines of the original matrix inside the stone. This kind of Turquoise is classified as the “spider-webbed.” Although, the most valuable Turquoise is an even medium blue, with no matrix and the ability to take a good polish. 

Healing power of Turquoise! 

What can be more fulfilling than wearing something that gives you the power to heal your soul and mind. We can’t deny that Turquoise is loved and appreciated everywhere because of its superb healing properties. We have often heard the benefits of wearing several gemstones for our well-being but did you know Turquoise is not only famous for its color and design but also for eradicating evil and negative energies, thus protects us from outside influences. Turquoise empowers self-acknowledgment and teaches imaginative critical thinking.

Physical Healing properties

A perfect companion for travelers! As it has wonderful healing properties and ensures physical fitness. It enhances immunity and eliminates pollution-inflicted diseases. It contains anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects, thus alleviates cramps and pain. Turquoise purifies lungs, clears sore throats, and heals eye-inflicted diseases, like cataracts. 

The impact of toxins can be fought easily with Turquoise jewelry, helping you soak up the nutrients, clearing acidic anxiety out to solve mood swings, and totally rebalancing your physical body and soul so that you feel fresh and cleansed the whole day! 

Mental Healing properties

Turquoise adjusts and balances all the chakras, settling emotional mood and empowering internal calm. A brilliant stone for depression and fatigue, it additionally has the ability to prevent panic attacks. It is a symbol of friendship and stimulates romantic love, makes it a perfect gift for loved ones.

Turquoise promotes self-realization and assists creative problem-solving. It encourages the belief in good karma and inculcates charitable donations, thus motivates you to help people in need. It makes your mind, even more calmer by giving it strength to avoid mishaps and violence. 

Color Healing fact

The yellow turquoise jewelry is formed by the inclusion of iron and helps to connect with inner strength and brings the energy of the sky down to earth. Although this color is not much preferred when we talk about turquoise jewelry, but in reality, the healing property of yellow stone is just incredible. 

Identifying the natural Turquoise! 

Turquoise is one of the most ancient stones. And in today’s times, it is considered as one of the most popular stones and comes in a different beautiful range of colors. But often, it becomes troublesome to judge the Turquoise based on its originality and naturality. But don’t worry, as we are here to solve your confusion to the best of our knowledge! 

Here are some quick tips to judge the real Turquoise like a pro:

  • The rare and exclusive turquoise stones are not cheaper; it’s too good to be true if you’re getting the same at minimum price. So, make sure you’re confirming the price from different sources as well before buying it. 
  • You need to be aware of the color saturation of Turquoise. Ensure that the color inside the stone is blue, as most of the time, when it is white from inside, it is most probably the howlite as the dye used to change its color. So, wipe it off with a cotton bud or some nail polish and check if the color is changing, and you will get to know the difference between a fake and a real one!
  • Howlite has a Mohs positioning of around 3.5, making it gentler than Turquoise. On the off chance if your stone scratches easily, then it may be a fake one!
  • The greatest suggestion to give when purchasing Turquoise is to find someone you trust. Ask them where the stones come from, discover how much information they have. This will surely help you find the real one! 
  • Lastly, you don’t have to get confused with its originality. Make sure you’re buying it wisely next time, keeping in mind the following factors: it’s color stability, appearance, and price! And you’re good to go. 

In the world of diamonds, we know Turquoise holds a special place in your heart because of its numerous benefits and bounteous beauty, which you surely can’t resist wearing! And your quest motivated us to write this piece of information regarding its unique colors, immense healing properties, and how you can identify the natural Turquoise like a pro.

We, at Rananjay Exports, are happy to announce that we have heard your demands and are now on our way to bring you the beautiful Turquoise stones. As a wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier based in India, we are successfully serving the quest of our ever-growing clients. We hope our alluring craft reaches out to you in the most convenient way! 

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