Truecaller New Feature| Call Recording For Android| Premium Only

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If we get a call from an unknown number, the first app we trust is Truecaller to find out its detail. If your own smartphone chances are you must be knowing what Truecaller app is and what are its capabilities.


For our ungeeky users who are not aware of this app, I’ll give a short brief about this app.

Basically, Truecaller app will help you find out details about unknown mobile number.

So, why is this app so popular?

From my experience, it is one of the best apps that give accurate results. Whether, you want to find out phone number owner, their social media profile or their email address, this app will provide you all these details in most of the cases.

How truecaller works?

The first thing that I want to make clear is that this is a legit app. Whenever you install this app, you must have noticed it asks for permission to access contacts. Now after you give permission, it saves those numbers on its server. Whenever some other users search for those number it shows that personal details.

Note: Some of its features are subject to premium users only.

Now coming to new feature rolled out by Truecaller, call recording. This is the newly launched feature of by the company. But, the catch here is, it is only available for the premium users.

If you are premium users, here is how you can activate it:

  1. Go to settings of the Truecaller app
  2. Press on the three-line menu on the upper left corner
  3. Settings -> Call recordings -> toggle on ‘Record calls’.

Where can you find these recordings

These files are available under the Truecaller menu then tap on Call recordings.

Where does the Truecaller save these recordings?

“Look for the folder name is “TCCalls” on your device. These files are basically stored and saved on your device itself. The good thing about this is, as the files are not stored on the Truecaller server, nobody can access those recordings unless you give your phone to someone else.

What platforms and OS are supported?

Currently, it supports Android only. And, sadly there is no confirmation when this will be available for iOS users.

Additionally, this feature is not supported by Android 9.

From Truecaller Blog

Which devices are not supported?

(We cannot ensure you that it will work on devices that are rooted or custom   devices)

  • Nexus devices
  • Pixel devices
  • Motorola G4
  • Moto series
  • Motorola devices on OS 8.1
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 on OS 8.1
  • iPhone devices
  • OS 9 devices

How to know if your device is supported or not?

As per the instructions, provided on Truecaller blog, you have to first subscribe to their premium feature and use the trial feature for three 3 days. If you have no issue in recording even after three days then it is believed your device is supported. 

Conclusion: During our testing, this feature worked well apart from a few glitches here and there. So, we would recommend this feature.

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