5 Memorable Places in Seattle with Tripp App

Tripp App

Whenever you visit any city or country, a map is a must for you to take you stunning places. In this digital era, real-time tracking apps do their work the best! Tripp App is the best iPhone real-time tracking app that took me some of the best places in Seattle. 

Seattle is filled with energy and is at the forefront of innovation. With rich-culture and easy-going lifestyle, Seattle is known as the ‘Coffee Capital’ of the United States. Seattle is home to historic parks and museums, many recreational spaces, best espresso bars, boat tours, ferry docks and amusing activities. 

Want to uncover the exciting places in Seattle? Join me and keep reading about these tempting sites in Seattle:

Historic and Beloved – Pike Place Market

For the people who love to shop wares and antiques! A picturesque market where all sorts of odds and ends, tantalises the taste buds. If you love to do photography, then this is the place where your camera lens will impress you! Discovering the shortest route to this place using Tripp app, best iPhone real-time tracking app, I got plentiful food choices and visited some quirky shops as well!

The Iconic Seattle Centre and the Space Needle

One of the city’s most active sightseeing centre in Seattle Centre and the Space Needle. Originally built for the 1962’s world fair, this place has since then been turned into an entertainment park with theatres, sports facilities, and restaurants. The impressive glass artwork at Chihuly Garden and Glass, are eye-catching and leaves you awe-struck!

World-class Olympic Sculpture Art

Famous for its art and history, Olympic structure art houses most remarkable sculptures like Eye Benches and a glass bridge named ‘Seattle Cloud Cover’. This park is looked after and maintained by the Seattle Art Museum! Best iPhone real-time tracking app – Tripp App helped me track its location and I found out that this place was just one mile away from the Pike Place Market. A must-visit museum have an extensive gallery and artwork from around the globe. 

Naturalistic Woodland Park and Zoo

House to endangered and threatened species from around the globe, Woodland Park and Zoo was the first to create naturalistic exhibits and have 300 different species ranging from Asian to African Elephants to snow leopards, jaguars, grizzly bears and lemur. A real treat for visitors is that they are allowed to go close to some of the fascinating wildlife animals and even feed them. An experience that remained with me forever!

Walk Down the Historical Museums and Galleries

Seattle has many museums and extensive galleries that present art, culture and historic journeys from around the globe. Museums like the Museum of History and Industry, Museum of Flight, Living Computers: Museums and Labs, are some of the top attractions. I tracked down the route of Museums of History and Industry using Tripp App and was amazed to see the beauty it held. Next time I am planning to visit others as well! 

Thanks to Tripp App, the best iPhone real-time tracking app who helped me make my trip the most memorable and worthy one!

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