Important trends that an app developer should know in 2022


Mobile applications have been constantly changing our day-to-day existence lately. Also, as a result of their huge prominence and utility, they give a huge potential to the two business people and organizations. Numerous investigators accept that the Mobile application advancement area is one of the quickest growing ventures, without any indications of dialing back sooner rather than later.

With the current Technological turns of events and revelations advancing into our

day-to-day routines, it’s not irrational to accept that 2022 will without a doubt be the time of portable applications and the two business people. In this way, here are the absolute most significant versatile application advancement patterns for 2022.

With the invasion of pandemics and the ceaseless development of new variations, the utilization of mobile applications, and cell phones will just increase. In 2021 alone, Android clients downloaded more than 250 billion mobile applications, while iOS clients downloaded nearly 45 billion applications, and this number will increment to dramatic levels, as we journey into 2022 and then some.

Thus, to be successful in the game of application development, an app developer must keep themselves updated with the important trends. So, in this article we are going to discuss some important trend in the mobile application that every app developer should take into consideration:

1. The Rise of 5G 

2. The Rise of AR and VR

3. Foldable devices

4. Machine Learning & AI

5. Food and Grocery Delivery Apps

6. Games and Entertainment Apps

7. Apps for wearable Devices

These are the current trends which are going very successfully in the game of mobile application, thus we are going to discuss the above mentioned trends in detail in this blog.

1. The Rise of 5G:

A report says that by the end of the year 2022, around 650 millions smartphones will get ready to sell out in the market. Thus, 5G is considered as the upcoming generation of telecom smart technology. This new tech will allow new and more advancement in the AR and VR apps. Overall, we can say that the 5G will help to make the apps smooth, fast and work with high efficiency. And we cannot wait to see these tech onboard in the field of app development.

2. The Rise of AR and VR:

The use of Augmented and Virtual Reality will be increasing day by day. This industry is estimated to rise up to $300 millions by the end of this year. And due to the rise in these technologies, the business will need more support of mobile apps, which can help them to enable their product and services in a better way with the help of AR and VR technology.

3. Foldable devices:

The trend of foldable devices has again changed the market of mobile applications in a very interesting way.It is expected that the foldable devices will individually make around 50-60 millions of sales by the end of this year.

It is trending as it provides a large screen when unfolded and provides multi-windows to the users which increase the user experience as it can be then able to perform multi-tasks.

4. Machine Learning & AI:

AI has been in the top mobile app development trends from the past few years. Machine learning is also another trend in which we all are expecting to see some big and revolutionary things. And thus the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is said as the most trending aspect in the mobile app development trend.

Many organizations have already adopted this technology and started to generate unexpected profit out of it and thereby reducing their operational cost.

5. Food and Grocery Delivery Apps:

Due to the corona pandemic, we saw a common threat and that was for catching infection from touching anybody, especially at the time to go out and buy food from grocery stores. And this was the basic need that was much needed daily.

And due to the corona pandemic, we saw a rise of 50% in the food and grocery delivery apps in the year 2020-21 and then people found it safe as well as easy to just sit at home, just purchase daily food and grocery items with full sanitization and protection which made food and grocery delivery app as the trending.

6. Games and Entertainment Apps:

After the food and grocery delivery the industry which was most dangerous for people to enjoy was gaming and entertainment as people are afraid to visit public places and there the game changed for gaming and entertainment.

They provided very easy access to entertainment. Apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime increased their subscribers and sales by around 75% of their actual sales.

Not only in entertainment but the application of AR and VR in the gaming apps has made the gaming experience more impressive as people now like to spend time at home chilling through the gaming and entertainment apps like these.

7. Apps for wearable Devices:

Before knowing why this kind of app is trending, I found, many people are still not aware about wearable apps. Well, they are nothing but an extension of the mobile

phones whose screen size differs from the mobile apps and its smaller and yet more powerful as they are custom designed.

The wearable devices found an unexpected growth in the last decade due to which google also announced a different platform for wearable devices with many new features.

Many companies like samsung, google, facebook are now including this platform along with their existing platform and increasing their revenue. And due to the large number of users of wearable devices, it will need more innovative app ideas, which are fast, flexible, unique, scalable and powerful.

Wrapping Up:

The mobile application development industry will continue to expand at a very fast pace, and due to which the mobile application development space will evolve. The rising mobile application platform development technologies, rising back-end platforms, and the microservices, combined with the new tackle capabilities, will continue to steer mobile app results. Non-stop literacy and constant mindfulness are the only ways to survive the cut-throat competition.

 Author’s Bio:

I am Kush Patel, CEO and Managing Direct of Echo Innovate IT viz. considered in the top app development company. Our company is the top-notch IT service provider and transforming it into a globally trusted hybrid and cross- platform app development company.