Online Dating is the new normal of each and every town as the individuals are highly occupied in their busy work schedule.

A couple of years ago, the thought of searching and getting a date by creating a basic profile with photographs into painting and with some basic details attracted everyone’s interests which would be farcical.

Apps such as Tinder, Okcupid and Buble have been eradicating the social stigma which is associated with all the digital medium which helps in finding a date and even the question remains the same and what’s the future of the dating apps is unknown.

As the dating app and the overall industry continues to bloom and all the developers will get the golden chance which helps us to stay competitive along with taking some advantages of the completely new technology.

Alright.. What makes dating apps much popular?

With more than 8000 dating apps and websites across the world and everyday there are new apps in this category which keeps on emerging on a daily basis.

Singles are not the short of options when it comes to searching for a date and whether it is by a preferred appearance, shared hobbies and even interests and all the specific locations.

The main reasons behind the popularity of dating apps are as follows:

1. Affordable

The main advantage of online dating is the chance which they provide to get in touch with hundreds of single people without thinking about spending too much time and money to find someone.

While most of the apps are completely free and the cost of updating the membership is not heavy on the pocket.

Tinder charges around $9.99 from all the users who are under the age of 30 while on the other hand Grindr costs around $12 per month. Compared to offline dating, online dating apps are completely economical.

Thinking about offline dating ofcourse one goes to a pub, club, events or some candle light dinner sort of thing where they need to pay for their drinks and for the food.

The money spent on the single date night gets out of the pocket of an individual and that is the main reason why people make the switch to online dating.

2. Ease of Use

Almost all the dating apps are quite simple to use as an individual just needs to set up a profile before even starting the search for all the matches.

All the features such as intuitive browsing and even messaging makes sure that all the users who are not much into technology can quickly figure out how to make the use of such apps.

While some dating sites and even apps have been making detailed questionnaires which users need to answer and which makes it much easier when it comes to matching the algorithms to identify some suitable matches and even the questions which are quite simple and which are easy to answer.

3. Convenience

As the users can easily access the apps from anywhere and at any point of time, they appear much more convenient than offline dating and it involves much time and even money which is needed to get spent on trying the level hard to find the date and the date might not be completely materialized.

Apps currently have various possibilities of dating from the comfort of one’s bed and while on vacations and even during the routine commute to work.


Every factor might not matter if online dating did not deliver the results which the user expects and according to a survey conducted it was found that around 37% of the relationships begin online and 17% of marriages and around 20% are of the committed relationships.
It further indicates that meeting someone in person is not the only method to find the perfect partner.

What should be expected from Dating Apps in the near future?

Features such as location tracking, swiping and even the algorithms have been making various deliveries about the volume to all the online dating apps and even it becomes very clear that for making an emergence as a leader in the market it must comprise of thousands of apps which are in competition and all the companies needs to make an improvement in the dating experience for all the users.

Focusing on the needs of the users and working according to it makes the user more engaged and attracted towards the particular app. The tech innovations is the major need of an hour along with same basic features are as follows: 

1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning includes several algorithms which simplifies the process of search and finds the best result for all the individuals who are seeking their partner online and with such algorithms the results can get boosted exponentially as the partner with whom they communicate is according to their preferences or the qualities which they are actually looking for in the partner.

The clusters of machine learning algorithms smoothens up the experience of the users. The business owners do not have to ensure the matching making process from their end and the complete automation of clusters of machine learning makes it more possible for the business owners to focus on the apps rather than making a match.

2. Video

The video social media app is making revolutionary changes across every industry and it is forcing every other social media app to have an option for making such videos.

After the ban of TikTok in India, While opening Instagram and Snapchat they do appear as the exact replica of TikTok. The craze and popularity of video social media platforms is forcing the business owners to include the same video feature in their apps whether it is suitable or not.

Looking at the popularity of video, Dating apps have also started having the same video feature in the app as sometimes looking at the still pictures the profile gets boring though the picture might be so bright and beautiful.

The video feature on the app provides the users with a platform where they can speak, provide their introduction along with different angles which helps the other users to know the voice, pitch and even the accents of the user.

3. It’s a Match

All the users irrespective of their genders are provided with the options to search and swipe left or right of the profile. If the user swipes the profile to the right then they are interested in that particular user and if they swipe it to their left then they are not interested in it.

The user only hears or gets the notification that it’s a match when the user on the other hand swipes the same profile to its right.

4. Under Control

The female user and even the male user have complete audacity to start theri conversation from their end so that no nuisance or there’s arises no complaints of harassments or torture which are likely to occur on such dating apps.

Such a trend on dating apps becomes the basic need of the users as it is related to the safety and security of the users. The phone number also gets hidden so that nobody makes the call without the permission of the person who will be receiving the call.

5. Geo-Location

Integrating Geo-Location helps the individuals to find the people who are singles and from the nearby locations.

Sometimes we search for the people in distinct places and often ignore the ones who are much nearer to us.

Such a feature in the app can help the user to trace and get the individuals from the nearby places so that after getting hooked they can even go for the candlelight dates and to the best pubs and restaurants in the same city. 

The Last Sentence

All the business owners must work according to the needs of the users and which will offer the best user experience so that they are engaged in the app and the business owner makes his share of revenue.

The integration of technology along with the same basic features which are related to the privacy and security of the user are the basic features which the user expects from the apps.

So the top trends which are high in demand and much admirable by the user must get included by the business owner while making an app.

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