Trending Juttis For Every Occasion


The ever-evolving fashion world has churned out new sets of unique and trendy juttis which can be worn in any season. From jeans to skirts, denim or coquetiers, there is a perfect pair of Ladies juttis for every occasion.

Juttis are not going out of fashion anytime soon. They have been a part of Indian Culture for generations.

The typical Indian woman always has a selection of juttis, covering every occasion and matching every dress code. In a sense, she has her own mini-fashion wardrobe in her small clogs.

These fashionable and comfortable foot-coverings are really pretty nifty and can always smoke if any other trend shows up like boiling water, they won’t vanish anytime soon!

These shoes have a history dating back over 500 years. The royals favoured them as their favourite footwear. A classic jutti is often made of leather with gold and silver embroidery and thread work. Juttis are now manufactured of canvas and a variety of different materials. Stone work and gems adorn the piece. It comes in a variety of colours and designs. 

Let’s take a look at why jutti got so famous.

High comfort level – 

Because they are flat, they are extremely comfortable. If you can find a pair of juttis in your size, you will be able to walk in them and even wear them all day. Because they don’t have heels, you can wear shoes for extended periods of time. The juttis are quite comfortable, as you will notice once you put them on.

Suitable for all occasions –

Juttis are your fashion saviour whether you’re a guest at someone’s wedding or you’re getting married yourself. Any occasion calls for a pair of bold and colourful juttis. It might be a formal or a traditional occasion. Juttis are available for a variety of occasions. Even to work, a plain brown or black jutti would suffice. It’s a pair of shoes that may be worn for any occasion.

Goes with all outfits –

You might be dressed in a saree, salwar suit, anarkali, jeans, skirt, or minidress. Whatever clothing you’re wearing, a jutti will complement it well. You may wear blingy, heavy work juttis with sarees and salwars, and casual juttis or monochromatic juttis with western clothing like denims and skirts. Whatever clothing you’re wearing, you’ll be able to discover the ideal jutti to complement it.

Various options –

Because juttis are customised and created to order, we have a wide range of options for you. You can request any design, including bling, floral, embellished, embroidered, mirror work, pompoms, and so on. You may even choose the colour of the jutti, so it will perfectly complement your clothing.

Trending juttis that you can shop at Delco Shoes

Fine Embroidered Juttis-

The most attractive feature of this pair of juttis is it’s simplicity. Simple and intricate embroidery work in golden thread on white base gives it a class apart look. Suitable for those who like subtle glam, these juttis can be paired with casual kurtis to complete the Indian casual attire.


Mojari juttis are a traditional handcrafted footwear range from Rajasthan made from tanned leather. When compared to conventional juttis, mojari juttis have a somewhat different form, look, and design. It was traditionally worn with salwar kameez-style outfits in the past. Women now have a variety of alternatives to pair with Rajasthani patterned mojari juttis, including Kurti-leggings, churidars, and palazzo.


The Indian fashion industry’s culture and ethnicity are changing on a daily basis, with new styles and techniques being introduced. Pompoms and tassels, which were popular in the clothing market, have now made their way into the footwear market. Juttis are given a funky makeover with colourful pompoms and tassels. The pompoms or tassels are usually embroidered on pastel-coloured shoes. 

Leather casual juttis-

Juttis, a traditional Indian footwear, are now being westernised with the addition of materials such as leather. The aesthetic of Indian footwear is being entirely transformed as a result of this creative revolution. The footwear, on the other hand, is not confined to a single design and may be worn with a linen trouser, palazzo, or almost any other clothing piece.


Despite the classic style, you may easily pair these juttis with dresses, jeans, or shorts for a pop of colour. The juttis are perfect for creating an Indo-western appearance. The mix of traditional attire with mirror juttis appears to be equally impressive. When it comes to cultural celebrations and rituals, these appealing patterns are ideal. However, you should use caution while washing this footwear since the mirror decorations may come loose


In chappals or juttis, traditional footwear collections have always jazzed up the Indian bridal outfit. Bridal juttis are entirely handmade and embellished with sequins and other ornaments to modernise the pattern. You may choose from beautiful colours like red, blue, orange, or yellow to complement your entire wedding style. Another popular colour to choose and combine with numerous bridal gowns is golden and pink. 

Juttis have incorporated many latest features to match up with the general footwear requirements for modern-day women. 

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