Why Travelers Should be Scared of Coronavirus Outbreak?

travelers scared of coronavirus

I was planning my Easter Holidays in Morocco, which is said to be a safe destination as per the Corona threat. But I’m thinking wither to leave my home or not. I’m scared, and I think all the traveler community is worried about the situation. The question rises here, Why should you be worried about the Coronavirus outbreak and take extra measures?

Why you Should be Scared of the Coronavirus?

It is a dangerous outbreak which everybody should aware of and takes care of accordingly. The traveler community should be scared of it and avoid the virus by not traveling a lot. What can you do in this situation is discussed in this blog below.

Limit Your Travel During this Period:

WHO declared an emergency concerning the Corona Virus outbreak in most of the countries in the world. Travelers should take it in their consideration and avoid traveling. Adventurers would say that they are much brave to take the risk, but this time it is something above normal. You should be careful about your life and limit your travel.

If it is much important to travel, you should first search for the destination you are heading to. Things you would search will be like, is that country safe, how many cases have yet to be reported related to coronavirus, areas where the more cases been reported. You should have a deep eye on the situation of the destination and should move.

More affected destinations:

China is the center of this massive outbreak but now I listened in the news that the situation is going to be normal because the government and experts are seriously dealing with the virus. In Italy, more than one thousand death has been reported due to Corona and the situation is still critical there. North and South Koria is also affected.

Amazingly, some countries and regions have imposed a ban on the entrance of the Europeans and Americans. I was thinking, Corona Virus has let us see the time when the African region is not accepting Europeans till the outbreak threat vanishes. I was watching the news that a senator was announcing about the entrance ban for the US citizens to Mexico due to Corona Virus. This is also for the citizens of the UK. If you are a Britisher and traveling to Africa, you are bared to travel. So you should find safer places in the world to travel.

Travel with Masks, and everything You will need:

It is important to carry your mask and safety things with you if you have to travel on an emergency basis. Keep the sanitizer with you to make your hands clean every time. Also, pack some more packs of Tissues and anti-bacterial soaps with you to use in your traveling. Try to cover your nose and don’t hand shake with any of the friend, family or traveler fellows. Anyone of you can have that virus. You should be scared of this disease as it is not a joke, your life is so important and you should avoid such outbreaks.

Don’t Handshake or Physical with anyone:

It is suggested not to handshake or get in contact with the other body in terms of anything. It is not sure that who is carrying the virus and would cause spread. So it is advised not to get physical with the people you even know well and don’t even shake the hand. As it is said by the experts that this virus is spreading by shaking hands and body interaction.

Make and Take the food at home:

Doctors are advising to avoid the street food or on the resturants. You as a traveler would ask the hotel management to make your meal with quality ingredients otherwise don’t take the food. For this, you can order the international food brands to serve you the food of your choice. Don’t take risk of consuming the food in the name of traditional dishes. It would cause you to get ill and it is not in your favor anyway. Keep your immune system better so the virus will not target you.

Don’t rely on anyone, Keep yourself Clean:

Make sure that you are not going to the massively affected destination by coronavirus. If you are sure, don’t hurry to set out if you are not sure about the cleanliness conditions of the hotel and the room you are going to live. If you reach the hotel and find your room not comfortable in terms of cleanliness, you should reject and demand for the cleanroom for you.

You should take a bath every day and wash your hands various times in the day. Don’t forget to sanitize your hands too. Unnecessarily, you should avoid going outside on your holiday destination.

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