MiFi m7200

The TPLink M7200 4G Router is portable with 4G LTE MiFi generation. As it supports the 4G LTE network and is also compatible with the 3G or 2G network connection. It offers the fastest wifi speed of 145 Mbps so you can easily stream videos and movies without any interruption in the network connection. You can connect up to ten devices with the tp-link 4G router as you can speed up the network access with 300 Mbps of high-speed with 2.4GHz of connection. Moreover, the router has easy installation methods. You just need to plug the router inside the electric society and it’s ready to use. 

Simply insert the sim card into the router and it’s ready to provide the wireless network connection with stability and reliability. You can go anywhere, anytime around the world with this router. As it is conveniently used and portable to take anywhere you go.

Unique Features of the TPLink M7200 4G Router

The TPLink M7200 4G Router is unique in its own way. It is different from the extenders, repeaters, and other usual routers. As it has 2000 mAh of battery that can run up to seven working hours. Also, it supports the latest wireless generation 4G FDD and TDD-LTE and is compatible with most countries and regions. You can easily manage the router with the help of the tpMiFi app.

Portable MiFi router

It is a portable router as it is easy to carry anywhere in the world. You can take it with yourself when you are going out of the city or on a world tour. You can personalize the settings so only your device get the internet connection

Universally compatible

The tp-link 4G router is compatible with every device like 4G FDD and TDD-LTE. It supports all mobile devices and can be set up easily by reading the instructions manually. 

Connect more than ten devices

It helps to connect more than ten devices at the same time. You provide your internet access to the ten devices by enabling the security feature of the router. So nobody can access the internet without asking from you.

East to manage with tpMiFi app

For the successful tp-link m7200 login, you need to download the tpMiFi app on your mobile device or tablet. By installing the app, you can easily manage the tp-link router from anywhere. Also, you can establish the data limits by controlling the activities of the router. It is user-friendly as well and provides seven hours of backup.

Easily Secure your wireless network with TPLink M7200 4G Router

You can provide security to your wireless network connection in various ways. For example, you can change the network SSID name and create a strong or unique password that is hard to guess for anyone. Also, you can easily manage the blacklist and lock your Sim Card to protect the wifi network. 

Secure the network connection

You can change the network name and password of the mobile wifi and set the security as a default. You can easily customize the setting by visiting the http tplinkmifi net web address and log into your tp-link MiFi account. Now go to the settings and change the SSID network name and wifi password by entering the new SSID and password. After that click on the done button when you change both things successfully.

Block Unwanted devices

This is an amazing feature as it allows you to block those devices that connect to your wireless connection without your acknowledgment. Open the web browser and type http://tplinkmifi.net, and press the enter button. A log-in screen appears on your web screen in which you enter your username and password. Now go to the status option and tap on the current client option in which you can see which device is connected to your router. From the list, block that unwanted device that is not in your prior acknowledgment and tap on the block button.

Block the Sim Card

In this method, you can block your sim card with a PIN lock. If you have enabled the PIN lock while accessing the wifi device in your mobile device or tablet then every time you need to enter the PIN to access the network connection. Even if you enable the auto-unlock pin function still you need to enter the PIN to access the device. If you want to enable the PIN method then visit the tp-link web address and log in with your credential details. Now go to the device settings, click on the advanced section and tap on the pin management tool and click on the enable button. Enter your preferred pin for your sim card and save it with the OK button. You can also reset it into the dial-up settings.

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