Are you tired of shovelling ? Try on demand Snow Removal App

on demand snow removal app

People residing in the snow-clad regions often experience a lot of hurdles. Due to heavy snowfall or blizzard, a lot of snow accumulates on rooftops, roads, driveway, and vehicles. Sometimes, they can bring about destruction. The weight of the snow is capable enough to collapse a building or house. Anyway, let’s not discuss the extreme conditions. Even during the normal snowfall, people get sick of clearing the snow before leaving for work or school. But with on demand snow removal app, things have become pretty much easier. You can have someone over to shovel the snow for you with the help of an touchplow clone app. The snow clearance professionals will show up and get the work done for you.

You can also become a service provider of such an app and generate an extra income. Customers can download the app and place a request for a snow plow truck. As soon as a professional gets this request, he accepts it if he is interested. Then, he gets the job done for the customer and marks the option, ‘Job Completed’. The customer gets the invoice through the app.

Let’s find out about different types of snow removal equipment:

  • Snow Plow: It’s a device use for removing snow and ice mounted on vehicles serving transportation needs. They are needed in areas which receive a heavy snowfall every year.
  • Snow blower: It’s use to remove the accumulated snow from roads, driveways, railroad tracks. It runs on electricity, gasoline or diesel engine. Jet-engine snow blowers use to melt the snow around train and rail switches. With the help of snow blowers, all the snow discharge at some corner.
  • De-icer: De-icing is a process done to remove the snow with chemicals. Various kinds of de-icing fluids and chemicals are used to get rid of the snow from a surface.
  • Snow melter: This equipment use to melt snow with the help of flame burners and hot water. Snow melt artificially to clear the surface of airports, roads, driveways and footpaths.

5 snowiest cities in the world

  • Akita, Japan – Approximately 107 inches of snow covers the city of Akita every year. It’s located towards the east of the Sea of Japan.
  • St. John’s, Canada is English Colony. And it is the oldest city in North America. It receives about 131 inches of snowfall annually.
  • Sapporo, Japan is the fourth largest city in Japan. It’s situate on the northernmost Japanese Island, Hokkaido. It receives approximately 191 inches of snowfall every year.
  • Syracuse, New York situated on Lake Ontario receives 124 inches of snowfall annually.
  • Rochester, United States is located near Canada. It receives approximately 99 inches of snowfall every year. This place is often hit by storms and blizzards, sometimes causing a disaster.

Driving in such extreme weather conditions is not only difficult but also risky. So, here’s a small advice for people living in such regions.

Make sure the wiper blades and brakes are working fine.

Drive slowly. In fact, stay at home if nothing urgent.

In cities with such heavy rainfall, touchplow clone are mandatory. Today, everyone has a smartphone. So, get an on demand snow removal app in minutes. It will also prove to be a great business venture.

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