Toss the coin and fix your pro and cons

toss the coin

It is very significant to understand the importance of statistics in our daily life. Many run away when they hear the word call mathematics and statistics because some consider this as a nightmare and this is an unsolved problem ever for them because they do not find the comfort of working with maths or statistics. fortunately unfortunately it is there in our daily routine and unconsciously we are also doing it in our life. For some people, it’s a kind of cake work for them to involve statistics on mathematics in their problem-solving methods. Why do we need to consider maxis something very important in our lives? Does everyone need to know that mathematics is an unavoidable concept in our life? The answer would be very much practical because maths is an integral part of situations and we have to learn it or make it as a practice wanted or unwantedly. 

Starting from kindergarten till high school or even in graduate or postgraduate statistics travel along with us. We call it in different dimensions or dynamic systems but in some way or the other, it is going to travel with us forever. You are important to know what kind of statistics can really make a huge difference in your life. The majority of the people have some corner of interest towards mathematics because they might be attracted to a particular chapter or a concept wherein their interest gets developed on it. The same way some people might have got some aversion towards some concept in mathematics and all together they develop the equation for the whole subject of sales. There are two extremes we have but we have to know what is important and what kind of importance of statistics has gotten her life’s.

Many of you might have heard about the concept called probability in mathematics because without probability certain parts cannot be even learned like permutation and combinations probability is a simple version of advanced maths concepts where in our daily part or daily routine has created a structure. We must have played cards with our family members or with her loved ones and the probability is even involved in the Deck of cards that we play. We must also play heads or tails games without childhood friends to decide who has to play first or whose to come next. all these we have randomly played it without knowing the statistics for the mathematics involved in this decision. When we have gathered childhood friends to decide who is going to play next we will toss the coin on the air and the answer what coin toss gives you will be the decision the kids would take. their fixer decision on heads or tails and when they do random flip coin they’ll get an answer and based on the answer they will proceed with the for the doings.

This has become a concept that emerged in the future and we have started doing even research related to this probability concept. it all to teach you the practical life lessons as how many chances you might get when you can’t us whether it’s going to be yes or no. it is also going to teach Yuva practical lessons that when you toss a coin in the air is going to the heads or tails which means it’s going to be a positive or negative for you. it is indirectly telling us that you need to make you mine very clear and such that you have either go through the phase of negative life of the positive life similarly the coin toss teaches you another lesson it’s not going to be only the negative phase that you will be experiencing in your life because there are higher chances of getting positives in your life’s as well. These are the basic fundamental things that we need to experience and learn when you play the coin toss of the probability game. This is a situation that we also have to remember every time whenever we go through the negative aspects of life. This is the sole reason we stated that mathematics is an integral part and we have to experience it in our daily situations.

Much more concepts and different kinds of understanding exist in this probability concept because then I strongly believe that ability is one of the important subjects that each individual has to understand and pay attention to it because it can teach a multitude of life lessons. We cannot avoid certain things in our part of her life and similarly probability also falls on the outline. make sure that we take the best and we do not ignore the important structures that are going to even create a revival in our life situations. many have understood this complex part of life and still they are traveling in the same journey considering that life will have a different phase and it is going to be positive as taught by the probability random coin flip .

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