Top 5 Ways To Style Sweater Vests In 2021


The year 2021 has been witnessing a prolific growth in return for old-school trends, including Y2K fashion and bucket hats. One of the most notable trends which have made a mark in the fashion industry recently refers to the sweater vest trend. Many celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Harry Styles have donned sweater vests with stylish grace. So, it is reasonable to harbor a certain level of excitement to shop for a trendy sweater vest. 

At the same time, you could also have some doubts regarding the feasibility of an old-school trend in modern wardrobes. Not to mention, Sweater vests are one of the top fall fashion trends for all the right reasons. Let us find out some answers to your doubts to help you make the most of one of the best fashion trends, which has gained popularity recently.

Top Sweater Vest Styling Tips

Sweater vests have made quite an impact on modern fashion and have showcased the prominence of minimalism. Furthermore, many variations in the classic sweater vest design, such as the oversized vests or the cute cropped versions, have fuelled its popularity. In order to avoid any confusion, you can rely on the following sweater vest fashion tips for styling sweater vests. 

1. Sweater Vest and Shirt Dress

You can choose one of the simplest outfit ideas with a sweater vest by starting with a shirt dress. An oversized shirt, long enough for a dress, could also be a favorite pick. Go with a white dress for adding simplicity to your look, and then top up with an off-white sweater vest. 

You would also need the right accessories for styling up your sweater vest outfit. Some good picks might include a cute purse, a pair of sneakers, and chunky jewelry such as a bracelet. Interestingly, you could try out some color variations with your shirt and sweater vest, according to your style preferences. 

2. The Professional Look

One of the best ways to make the most of the sweater vest trend refers to using them for office outfits. As a matter of fact, there are different ways to style up a sweater vest for professional outfits. You can pair up a sweater vest with an oversized white blouse alongside wide-leg menswear style trousers. 

You could choose mules or kitten heels as footwear. The professional outfit with sweater vests would look more profound with accessories like pearls. Another classic preppy combination with a sweater vest might include dark skinny pants or a pencil skirt and a blazer.

3. Cuteness Overloaded

Another promising way to style a trendy sweater vest might involve your favorite dress. You could just go with the option of layering a sweater vest over a flowy dress. Think of a cute pink ensemble starting with a balloon-sleeve, long flowy dress in a baby pink color. Use a millennial pink sweater vest with adorable motifs for continuing uniformity in the look. Now, just go with the monochrome scheme in the outfit with a bright pink bag and complete your cute ensemble. 

4. Party Favorites

You may be surprised enough to know of the dominance of sweater vests among fall fashion trends. What’s more interesting is that sweater vests are great fashion choices for parties too. Many people are referring to sweater vests as the granny-chic or grand-Millennial style for various reasons. 

One of them directly points out the fact that sweater vests fit easily with different types of dresses. Pair up a cropped vest with a romantic dress featuring frill details, and complete your look with high-platform boots. If you want a sleeker look, then you can just put on a long-sleeved dress or a slip dress with a sweater vest. Remember to mix up some colors or textures to elevate your looks.

5. Sweater Vests with Shorts

The final choice of styling up one of the prominent fall fashion trends would bring layering to the equation again. The combination of shorts with a crochet-style sweater vest and boots renders urban vibes while lending chic details to your attire. Most important of all, a green short suit combo could work wonders for you in tailoring a graceful sweater vest outfit. 

What’s Your Choice of Style?

As you can see, there are many interesting ways to style up sweater vests. You can discover a wide array of sweater vest fashion tips on various platforms across the internet. However, you need to choose the recommendations which fall in line with your style preferences. The popularity of sweater vests should not impose peer pressure on your choices of outfits. Think wisely and rely on the experts to guide you in crafting some of the finest attires with sweater vests.                    

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