The Top Twilio Alternatives That You Need To Try Right Away!


Twilio has been successfully catering to its users since 2018 by offering exceptional CPaas services (communication platform as a service) to developers. 

Top brands such as Uber and more depend on Twilio because of its robust security features and the easy management of services. 

This is because most of them are backed by CPaas API solutions of which Twilio is a part.

However, with time, we observed that there were certain users who were on the search for twilio alternatives

Twilio users were facing two major issues.

  • When you get started with Twilio, the pricing package is affordable. But as your traffic increases, you need to spend more money to avail the services of Twilio. Hence when users wish to migrate, the entire process becomes tedious
  • Twilio starts to compete with its users. For instance, as a developer, if you’re making use of Twilio’s top API’s you will start receiving competition with Twilio’s products such as Twilio Flex. 

As we continued to explore multiple twilio free alternatives, we observed one common factor. 

All the CPaas providers were unique which means each of them had its pros and cons which made it difficult to understand which is the best. 

What we then understood was, no matter which product you choose, there will be a flaw attached, hence the decision to choose from the top twilio alternative was based on what your needs are.

Understanding this, we listed out the 4 top twilio chat alternatives best suited for 2021. 

Twilio alternatives: Open source

1. Open source

Jambonz was founded by Dave Horton. It is an open-source twilio alternative best suited for communication providers. Since it is self-hosted, Jambonz offers multiple advantages on its list such as providing a 100% open-source platform, refraining from storing user information, caters to a wider audience and an easy way to get started with a self-hosting platform.

Top Reasons to Invest in Jambonz ( Features + Pros):

  • Since it is an open-source project, users can add anything they like
  • Provides JSON based call control solutions
  • Provides transcription for transcription, speech inputs, and audio playbacks
  • Provides telephony control options such as park, hangup, and more
  • Provides media formatting via WebSocket
  • Provides integrations such as text to speech and speech to text via users google and AWS accounts


  • If you’re looking for SMS solutions, this tool doesn’t provide it
  • Doesn’t provide billing or AAA solution which means users have to build credit control via the application level on their own which can be time-consuming 

Best suited audience:

  • CPaas users who prefer using their SIP trunks and services
  • Businesses who prefer using CPass providers that offer well security with the information being managed
  • Developers who want to take control of their activity
  • Service providers who are looking for a white label solution

2. Complete CPaas stack package


When it comes to looking out for a complete CPaas stack package, Restcomm is considered as the preferred twilio free alternative. Restcomm offers a bring your own carrier option where using SIP or SMPP interfaces is much easier. The open-source stacks of Restcomm are being used by the top operators across the globe such as Zain and a few more. 


  • Is an open-source project
  • Provides great technological freedom
  • Represents over 5,000,000 lines of Java code


  • Doesn’t provide prepaid billing
  • Doesn’t provide a rating engine
  • Users need to build their billing system with restcomm APIs and more tools which isn’t even available in Restcomm’s cloud solution


In order to connect your current Restcomm account to multiple voice and SMS carriers across the globe, using the TelecomsXChange platform will help. The prices will be wholesale and these wholesale APIs can help you automate carrier relations and connectivity fully. 

3. Best Twilio alternatives: Developer Edition

Developers face two common issues:

  • The hassle of migration 
  • Build their CPaas solution when traffic is less

Hence it is suggested that if developers make use of Restcomm’s CPaas enabled service providers, it can help. Another solution is they can continue using Twilio, till they get a better solution.

However, apart from this, there are other twilio alternatives that developers can get started with right away:

  • Telin NeuAPIX- For Indonesia users looking for a Twilio alternative
  • Zain- For Jordan users looking for a Twilio alternative
  • SignalWireBest Twilio alternative for US users
  • PlivoFor global users
  •– Best suited for US users looking for SMS programmable alternatives
  • BandwidthBest suited for US users looking for an affordable Twilio alternative to create an account
  • Nexmo ( Vonage)- For global users
  • UnifonicA Twilio alternative for users in Saudi Arabia

4. Which Twilio alternative is best suited for CSPs? (Communication service providers)

The whole reason why CSPs are looking for a Twilios alternative is because they are in search of a solution that can help their white label and launch CPaas services with ease.

Hence when enterprise business users fail to receive CPaas services from you, they opt to invest in Twilio to make use of your network. 

From accessing new premium streams of revenue to having a modern approach, adding CPaas services enables all this for them. 


Twilio is undoubtedly a great solution when it comes to offering the best CPaas services.

But as stated earlier, the two issues being faced by their users have made them consider other twilio alternatives. 

Now that you have the complete list of Twilios free alternatives, which do you plan to invest in first?

Is there a twilios chat alternative that caught your attention?

When do you plan to get started with the above tools?

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