Top 5 Most Trusted Car Brands in India

car brands in india

If you are planning to buy a card and looking for the best cars available at present and also if you don’t know that which car is trust worthy and good for you then this article is going to be very helpful for you. Here in this article we will tell you a complete information about top 5 most trusted car brands in India 2019. So, keep an eye on this article and get the complete information about it.

Here is a List of the Top 5 Most Trusted Car Brands in India


It is a German manufacturer and it comes in our list of top 5 most trusted car brands. This brand is trying to find and want to cover the Indian automobile market. Basically, Volkswagen company doesn’t have the entry model but it is having a model of all of the segments with an entry-level hatchback which it was planning to launch and introduce shortly in market.


The sales of the Datsun is really high in numbers as compare to the Volkswagen. Datsun is an old but pretty good brand and it was started in the year 1931 as a part of the Dat Motorcar. After some years, their ownership name passed to the Nissan. Their first two models was Go and Go+ which was met with only the limited success. In the second month of their launch, the car sales its 3000 units which was really high and appreciable.


Ford is one of India’s first SUVs which is having lots of features like ladder-on-frame construction, butch styling and also they are having a really attractive and impressive presence on the road. Ford also launched their halo card which is Mustang and it comes up with the monster 5 liter V8 engine. Also, the employees of the ford are really lucky because the ford really takes proper care of their employees. By keep care of employees in mind, ford comes up with the Myfordbenefits program where ford provides multiple benefits to their retired employees. If you are a ford employee then you can sign up for fordbenefits and access your account via myfordbenefits login and know more about it here.


As you know that Honda is one of the most trustworthy brand and is having a special place in everyone’s heart. It is having a really good interior and also its quality is best. Also, it is having a comfortable ride handling. As per the driver’s perspective, it is having a free reviewing engine and also the slick transmission and also it has the accurate ergonomics for the people who are a big fan of Honda.

The biggest reason behind the resurgent success of Honda is the availability of its new diesel engine. In the market like India, Fuel Company is one of the major reason behind the decision of purchase.


Mahindra is one of the home grown automaker and also it is the leader in the transportation mainly in the rural areas. Basically, Mahindra focus on the strong, rugged image and also it creates a reputation for the reliability. The vehicles of the Mahindra is famous for being easy to buy and it is really easy and cheap to maintain its vehicles.

Mahindra generally creates the SUV like Scorpio, which is the first SUV in the urban areas. Also, Mahindra is having lots of upgrades and facilities in the Scorpio which make it so popular.


So, above we had discussed all the details related to the top 5 most trusted car brands in India 2019. If you find this article helpful and if this article helps you to get to know which car is best and if this helps to finalize a car for you to buy then simply share this article with others and also tell us by dropping a comment in the comment section below.

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