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Why are you reading this write up? 

You’d say because you searched for it and that’s exactly the point I am trying to make. In order to increase traffic on your YouTube channel, the very basic thing that one can do is select an appropriate title for your video/playlist. Select a name which informs the viewer of the outcomes of watching your video. 

Another simple hack is you can make more subscribers by promoting more of your videos at the end screen of every video. Explain them your keywords by providing them with a link to the necessary explanations. Start with including 10 seconds of your next video at the end screen of every video. You can also place a “subscribe” watermark on the video screen which will keep reminding the viewer of subscribing the channel. 

Use a “subscriber magnet”. Now the question arises what is a subscriber magnet and how to implement it? A “subscriber magnet” is the video which is proven to generate subscribers. Basically the one with maximum likes and views. It can be implemented by following the given steps:- 

• Here identify the video that brought you the maximum subscribers last month. 

• Select it and make it your “subscriber magnet”. 

Be it 2010 or 2020, one thing that never goes out of fashion when it comes to increasing subscribers on one’s channel is, focus on quality, not on quantity. It doesn’t matter how many videos you make. Content in the video is what is primary. 

Every video should be as crisp and as interesting as possible so that whatever video the viewer encounters, hooks them to your channel. YouTube says:- “The longer you can keep people watching on YouTube because of your content, the more your content may get surfaced.” 

It increases the watch time which is very useful for SEO. 

Your YouTube channel description should be promising to the viewer. A viewer will only like to subscribe to a channel which tells them what channel is all about, the topics it covers and your aim behind making this channel. It’s like promising them future returns for investing their time, just like mutual interests but better because they are not subjected to market risks. 

Next thing is sometimes you will face problems while increasing subscribers. Your subscribers get stuck on the same number. You tried so many things but still you will not get good results. Then Buying youtube subscribers is the correct way to increase subscribers. This method personally I already tried and get excellent results. 

Another thing that never goes out of fashion is choosing an attractive channel icon and a channel tagline. A channel icon is something that will be the face of your channel like metaphorically and literally. Choose something that attracts the attention of the viewer and makes them inquisitive of what you are up to. Using a channel tagline will be of no harm. It is something that will make your channel stand out and make you look like you are here to stay. 

Thus it is said by YouTube itself that a viewer’s opinion highly depends upon the personal treatment you give them. If you just heart on their comments and reply to some of their questions then it adds to the goodwill of your channel and makes them subscribe as well as share your channel. 

By following this set of recommendations, it is guaranteed that you will see a high increase in your subscribers in the year 2020. If you are still facing issues while increasing subscribers then contact here: buy cheap youtube subscribers.  

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