Top 7 Trendy Tattoo Types To Help You Decide Your Next One

trendy tattoo types

A tattoo represents the depth of your mind. But to bring it out, it takes some doing.

When in doubt, many tattoo artists show the tattoo seekers their catalogues. They usually comprise of ideas that they have made or inked on someone else. However, the reason to do so is to draw inspiration. You wouldn’t want to have a tattoo that someone else already does. Because a trendy tattoo types should represent your creativity and originality.

However, since it is a form art, it needs to be treated like it. It should bring out your creativity and help you make a design that is suitable for you. Not only according to your skin or preference, but also according to your personality type. Since there are a variety of types to choose from, one can look them and draw something of their own.

Yet, the key thing to understand here is still the same. Tattoo Design Inc. suggests that you borrow these designs for your mind, so that it can help you come up with something of your own. Therefore, let us look at some of the top 7 trends that can help you find your next tattoo.

1. Traditional American

This type of tattoo is the “can’t go wrong with this one” kind. If you want to have a tattoo that looks good regardless of a lacklustre idea and adds to your aura, then traditional American is on the top of this list.  Why is that? Because traditional American design is the one most practiced by tattoo artists these days. The design stands out because of its deep philosophical meaning behind each design. Usually contrary to one another, such as love vs hate, anger vs calm or ice and fire.

2. Water Colour

Water colour is one of the best designs when it comes to visual appeal. Using the variety of colour palettes, you would in a water painting. It looks as if someone took a beautiful colour painting and pasted it on your skin. The reason why this type is on this list is because of growing love of classics in people. They have also gone high in demand because of their simplicity and visual appeal.

3. Biomechanical

This is a contemporary design that reflects the steam punk era. However, the modernized biomechanical tattoos are a thing to behold. They have become quite the vogue in recent times. Not only because of their distinct visual appeal, but also because of their intriguing styles. IT would make you look as if you have a cyborg’s arm if you get it done right.

4. Ultra Realistic

Ultra realistic design is exactly what it says it is. It is like a photograph embedded on your skin. It requires one to pick a picture or a realistic shape, object or anything. Then the artist turns it into a realistic image of a tattoo. It has become quite the popular type in recent times. With many of trendy tattoo types for tattoo lovers in Europe and North America going for this particular type. However, considering the amount of work and expertise it requires, it may cost a bit more than usual.

5. Surrealistic

Surrealistic design is just as rich in details as ultra-realistic. However, the major difference between the two is the imagery. Where realistic draws right out of facts, surrealistic tattoos rely more on fiction. Let your creative nature on the loose and get this design if your mind is filled with abstract ideas.

6. Tribal Design

Another popular design in tattoo industry around the world is tribal. What started out as traditional design for many tribes around the world, this one is dedicated more towards Maori tribes. It takes inspiration right from their traditional engravings. Standing out as quite the attractive design. However, you can make a mix of tribal and traditional and make something extra appealing.

7. Blackwork

You might just find your next trendy tattoo types in this particular type. Because Blackwork is quite the simple, yet one of the most attractive designs. If you wish to find something that represents your basic ideas and turns them into visually astounding tattoos, the look up some of the famous Blackwork tattoos.

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