Top Trends in Hyper Casual Mobile Games to Watch in 2021

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Who would have thought hyper-casual games will still be around in 2021? And yet, people are still inclined to play hyper-casual games more than usual besides modern graphic games. Not to mention these games are not just around but more popular than ever. Likewise, continually adapting to transform the gaming environment and even challenging the high-tech games in terms of popularity. Hyper casual games blend with simple technicalities and lesser design, consequential in extremely engaged players. Therefore, compelling  mobile game development company to follow this trend in making hyper-casual games to attain maximum revenue.

Before we discuss the top trend in hyper-casual mobile games to watch in 2021, let’s first learn about hyper-casual games.

What Are Hyper Casual Games Anyway?

Hyper casual games are mobile games featuring a minimalistic user interface. And they are very easy to play. Besides, you can play these games directly after downloading. Minimum features truly make it lightweight. In other words, it will consume lesser storage in your mobile phone, unlike the high-end mobile games that practically deplete your phone’s storage. Mostly come in 2D design with a minimal interface. Moreover, these games can actually get you started on the go; Open and hit play, that’s it. You don’t have to set up settings, profile, name, and goals, like feature-rich games.

In addition, hyper-casual games acquired traction in 2017. Flappy Bird was the first hyper-casual game that gained wide popularity. Flappy Bird experienced over 50000000 downloads and also swamped its way to top the charts in both top game stores – Apple App Store and Google Play.

Hyper Casual Games Are Defying Experts’ Predictions

Each year professionals would predict the fizzling out of the casual mobile games. But even in 2021, their popularity remains intact and ever-growing phenomenally. People seem to be more involved in playing hyper-casual games more than ever. As a result, it boosted a myriad of app development companies to build more hyper-casual games. On the bright side, these games are developed with reduced cost and turnaround time.

Trends in Hyper Casual Mobile Games to Watch in 2021

With the current trend with hyper-casual games, there is no denying its reign over the gaming sector. Here are some top trends in hyper-casual mobile games to watch in 2021:

Casualization of Hyper Casual Games

Many experts have predicted that hyper-casual games will face unique but diverse means of casualization. One of them demonstrated that these games would become more hyper casualized. Meaning, these hyper-casual games would transform into heavier and combined with higher complexity in their structures. And will have various features like other casual games included with various genres like classic mid-core and other genres.

Additionally, expert predictions also expose that casual games may head toward extreme limits too. That is, the game will become more like a casual format where it would demand only highly skilled players, turning typical games into a more automatic version of them while hyper-casual games are expected to transform from their classic nature to more like casual games. With that being said, they are likely to become more reflexive and complex for a non-skilled individual, in brief, which goes against the genuine notion of the hyper-casual games in the first place, which was to be easy to play and easily accessible.

On the contrary, mid-core or complex games are changing and taking over the nature of hyper-casual games – which is significantly odd, by the way.

Bigger IPs Will Entry the Picture

Another trend awaited the hyper-casual games industry – eminent IPs – Intellectual Property entering the field. It is predicted by industry experts that IPs will be used in developing new hyper-casual games. Although IP launches are very risky, up until now, hyper-casual gaming industries used more than 5 percent of third-party IPs. Not to mention it’s assumed a bigger spike this year is looming.

Much of the predictions by experts also state that this year, numerous accustomed and the popular player will be recruited in the hyper-casual gaming industries.

In addition, for myriad IPs, it can be a whole new experience entering the hyper causal gaming society. Simple and easy gameplay control will be embedded, presenting a wider striking look to the game and driving the game to a bulkier audience for many IPs that are already in the casual gaming division. On top of that, new IP-based games will disrupt the gaming marketing, and the easy format to play will eventually increase game demand, resulting in increased awareness, brand loyalty, and sales.

While long ago, the prime target of IPs was based on releasing games under the label of casual, mid-core, and hardcore genre games only. Besides, most expect the hype of IPs in getting into the hyper-casual games as the exceeding trend of this genre verifies its worth.

Realistic Game Design

One more trend is expected for hyper-casual games. These games are expected to become more realistic, like having realistic design and gameplay. Not to mention, hyper-casual games will immerse into a more realistic gaming experience. On the other hand, it may give robust incentive to the players’ curiosities. The revamped expectation for the games to be more fit into realism. Thus, resulting in more motivated developers to design realistic games. Moreover, it’s imminent with the traction of realism in games cartoon-like feel will no longer be the demand.

Similarly, games will become more advanced and have elements of realism in the impending future, as many game development tools adopt realistic elements to help design more realistic games. Therefore, making it easy for the developer to move away from the scratch-building technique.

Mainstreaming Fringe Themes

Without a doubt, hyper-casual gaming is considered one of the creative genres. Not to mention various games pushed from old-style graphics and brought us more wild and peculiar creative ideas that necessarily seized our attention. For what the new standard entails, seeking out rather anything but old-styled. More importantly, pundits predict the real scenario that games in 2021 are now wacky, unusual, and above all, highly engaging still.

Perhaps breaking the usual mold in terms of typical color schemas, environments, shapes, and concepts are becoming the new ways and tradition for game development. Thus, we can expect the upsurge of peculiar hyper-casual games in the future.

Closing thoughts

To sum up, the growth of old-fashioned games such as hyper-casual games is a mystery for all, considering the new high-tech games that have truly been the game-changing aspect of gaming industries. That’s pretty shocking. Well, many things are involved behind these hyper-casual games. That is simplicity. As a matter of fact, we aren’t Einstein to figure out complex games. And if we do somehow, we don’t have the time for that.

Thus, hyper-casual games will remain in the top charts of popular games for a long time, even after experts’ predictions. Not to mention many complex games are turning their way around in following the structures of the hyper-casual game – simple and easy to play.

If you want to create your own game, get support from the best software development company today and become a part of this revolutionary world.

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