India is the vast country of holy beauty of nature. The origin of nature starts from our country. Every nook and corner of India looks graceful. The endless mountain ranges stand like borders and create curiosity like what is there behind the mountains. The greenish and lush landscape admires our mind. The climate of every place makes you feel the sense of seasons. The chillness of water gives the meaning for purity. To experience all these inspiring voyages, everyone should try trekking at least once in  their life. Trekking carries us near to the landscape of nature. It offers an energetic leisure for all. People who want to experience trekking, here are the top 5 treks in India that they must try.


Nilgiris is one of the oldest mountains which has such a gorgeous range of hills as its identification. It is located in Tamilnadu. The unique look of this place is, it is a tri – junction of three southern states that are Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka. These mountain ranges are not that high but it has few daredevil peaks and they are Kollaribetta, Makurni, Hecuba, Kattadadu and Kulkudi. Because of the continuous range of hills, it always rains and makes a beautiful look of the land so lush and greenish forever. It is one of the top five treks in India..

Time to go for a better experience: There is no specific time. Can go and have a trek at any time.


The glorious look of Garhwal region and Kumaon strikes every adventurous trek lover’s mind as their first choice for trekking. Garhwal hills are one of the highest peaks in India which are located in the Himalayas range. Some of the trekking spots are Valley of flowers trek, Har Ki Dun trek, Kalindikhal trek, Nanda Devi trek, Dodi Tal trek and one of the most famous trek among these is Kedarkanth trek. The credit of the top five trek in India goes to Kedarkantha trek.

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek became one of the most familiar treks recently because of its mesmerizing look of beauty. It has another name so called “Princess of Snow ”. Kedarkantha trek deserve this title were knee-yawning snow during winter. And also fantasy lovers can enjoy mythical stories about nature.

Time to go for a better experience: The most perfect time for the best experience is in the winter season.


Kanchenjunga has the pride of “The third highest peak in the world”. Mount Everest is located in Kanchenjunga south summit, which is one of the most famous mountains in the world. This Kanchenjunga trek starts from Yuksom and continues along with Bakhim, Dzongri, Laxmi Pokhari, Bikhbari, Chaurikhang and Rathong Glacier, Bikhbari and finally ends in Bakkhim. Trek seekers who have a thirst for long trek can start their trekking here. One of the most adventurous treks among top five treks in India is Kanchenjunga trek.

Time to go for a better experience: The best time for a better experience is during spring, starts from March to May and during Autumn, starts from September to Mid November.


The most scenic tourist spot is Jammu and Kashmir which is located in the northern part of India. It has many enthusiastic trekking spots like Gulmarg which is surrounded by snow-covered mountain ranges, Panitop which looks like a snow-capped peak, Ladakh which is meant for heaven of the world and more like Altitude lake, Alpine meadow trek and so. 

Time to go for a better experience: July and September are the correct time to have a monastery trek in Jammu and Kashmir.


Himachal Pradesh is absolutely defined as the essence of beauty. The wide mountain ranges embrace a perennially cold temperature. The Himalayas, Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar mountain range of Himachal Pradesh that soak from Friendship peak seems like a daredevil trek. Deo Tibba Base Camp trek, Pin Parvati Pass trek, Hampta Pass trek and Buran Ghati trek are the other arduous trek in Himachal Pradesh.

Time to go for a better experience: Right time to enjoy these treks is from June to October.

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Trekking in India is a unique opportunity not only for us but for all over the world. Our country is one of the most prominent throughout the world by its hub of sceneries. Every state in India has some individual identity for trekking. And some of the places are so adventurous, some places are holy pilgrimage, some peak treks are daredevil, some forest treks are demanding, and few places give a view of a fairy tale, which all gives a mind relaxation and peaceful days in their life. What is missing in India? Though it has all, everyone will not try to look over it. They step on their needs. Some like to climb hills, some like to get into water, some like to fall on the greenish landscape, some like to play with the snow and more. So, everyone’s preference for trekking will depend on their mindset. Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand are the top five treks in India that everyone wants to try. That too Kedarkantha trek in Uttarakhand is the most famous trekking spot in India.

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