Do you have a small business and you just logged into WordPress. Now, that you have set up, you’re wondering about how to proceed. How do you grow your business further and make your website more visible to the world? Well, the answer is Lead generation.

Lead is any person who indicates a slight interest in a company’s product or service directly or indirectly. A lead generation is an act of identifying potential customers for business products/services. The lead generation tools help in turning out leads to sales. The lead generation could be done by means of a job application, blogs, contests or live events. Listed below are the top 5 lead generation tools that help in converting mere views into sales:

1.     Intercom: 

It is an American software that allows business people to communicate with customers through their app by means of texting. They basically allow the business to track and filter customer’s data like product usage, customer review, past purchases, details of mode of payment. So the business uses these data, and they help customers with more personalized specific products that customers are tempted to buy. They also market their products well through email or in-app messages. 

2. is an email hunter that enables lead generation experts to find the email id of any person associated with a particular domain. They can also be used to verify an email id or send mails to a large group of people. At present, they have enabled campaigns that allow the business to directly reach people through the tool. In order to verify email, we have a feature called email finder on their website in which you have to enter the exact name and domain to check if it is real. In order to send multiple emails, we can use a feature called bulk tasks that enables us to find, verify and search if we have a list of leads. We have to first enter the name of the list and its type, and then we can select the domain name through which we can send bulk mail. For example, if you enter, we can send mail to all the Gmail account. We can also specify the number of emails sent to a particular domain. In order to find out leads, it has its own CRM built through which we can add leads manually or import them, filter out by means of position, company and type of industry. It also offers an additional feature of connecting with other application. 

3.     Quora:

Quora is a very popular question and answer forum that allows different people to voice out their opinion. Be it finance, product, life skill, culinary, psychology, science. Any topic you name, quora has a relevant set of question and answer for you. Quora is suitable for lead generation because it has got around 100 million unique monthly visitors! Yes, that’s huge! The first edge of quora is that it is indexed by Google; hence it can be used to drive traffic. The second edge is that quora enable direct communication with customers. One of the founders of Quora said that “ quora is a place of genuine and authentic customers with whom you can interact directly, thereby paving the way for lead generation.”

4.     Hubspot:

Hubspot is an American marketing software company that aims to provide tools for social media marketing, lead generation, customer relationship management, live chat and customer support. In addition, it also offers leanings for marketing tactics. They capture leads with forms. Forms are typically used to collect customer’s contact details along with other information which can be of future use for the business. In order to create a form in HubSpot, choose forms from the marketing category. The style and type of form to be created can be customized as per the needs. They also have a live chat tool that allows a business to generate leads. We all prefer instant answers over filling out a query form and waiting for it. That psychology is used as a lead generation tactic. We can create a chatbox by using their conversation feature. It also has an excellent feature of tracking and analyzing the lead’s activities to show their field of interest, which you can view by means of a graph too. They also help in lead generation through advertisements. All of the leads are generally synced up with the ad network with all the AdOnWebs, so instant promotion for your business.    

5.     Linkedin sales navigator:

It is a popular revolutionary company that has changed the way 500 million people across the globe communicate with each other. Linkedin sales navigator is a powerful tool that offers more filters and tools to find the ideal customer for the business that increase the probability of lead conversion to active customers. It is a paid tool that is suitable for an individual or team. To begin with, you can use sales preference with which the business lead generators can narrow down the ideal customer profile based on the location of a company, type of industry, company size and function. We are also provided with an advanced search that has over 20 filters that allow even more precise search.

By Darbaar

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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