skin care products brands

What are the skin care brands? What brand of skin care products are better? The top ten skin care brands in the world, come and learn

skin care products brands

French LANCOME (Lancome)

Lancome, a luxury brand. High-end atmosphere and top grade. The one who heard the most was her little black bottle. The repair effect is very good, and it is a good skin care product. The products are mainly oriented to mature women aged 25-40 years old with higher education level and income level. Lancome skin care products mostly use plant elements as refined ingredients to give the skin a non-irritating affinity. Lancôme skin care products, which have always been known as the top quality products in skin care products, have not brought the effects of consumers.


When it comes to beauty and skin care giants, Estee Lauder is 100% nominated. The small brown bottle series has always been Estee Lauder’s main product series. Its core ingredients can repair cell DNA damage caused by free radicals and ultraviolet rays, and can also stimulate the rhythm genes in the body, which can better repair cells and improve the skin caused by free radicals. Bad conditions caused by ultraviolet light, blue light, and pollution.

French CHANEL (Chanel)

Personally, I think Chanel’s skin care products are still very good. I put in a bottle of Chanel luxury essence essence before using it. After using it, I left some other essence products I used before. The fragrance is my favorite taste, essence The texture itself is emulsion-like. After applying it, massage it slightly to promote absorption. After a period of time, you will find that the overall condition of the skin is getting better.

Japan SHISEIDO (Shiseido)

Shiseido is the most famous cosmetic company in Japan, and many sisters pay attention to and love her. However, in the counters of domestic department stores, all kinds of parallel shops, and supermarkets, you can see all kinds of Shiseido products. The appearance, packaging, price, and functions are dazzling. I don’t know which one to buy. Kind is suitable for you. Shiseido’s product series is indeed dazzling.

French DIOR (Dior)

Recommend Dior, a revitalizing and restoring nourishing cream, each formula ingredient has perfect skin compatibility, so as to ensure the absorption of dry skin. Dryness and tightness disappear. The effective nutrients of Dior Revitalizing Nourishing Cream can effectively spread on the skin and gently pamper the skin.

Paris L’Oreal (L’Oreal)

L’Oreal skin care products series can effectively help us resist free radicals that are harmful to the skin, thereby helping to improve skin dryness, dullness, lack of elasticity and other problems caused by oxidative free radicals. It can be described as a natural beauty product.

OLAY (Olay)

Olay skin care products have many care series, mainly to make women’s skin more white and red, moisturized, to regenerate cells, and to make their skin white as pearls. Olay skin care products are very popular among women because they can solve women’s skin problems and regain their self-confidence. By changing the oiliness of the skin, it keeps the skin moisturized and delicate all day long. Buy OLAY Product and don’t Miss Amazon promo code 10 Off Anything


The effect of SK-II is very good, the use effect is very good. Take the fairy water used by the editor, it is indeed very good. The fairy water maintains the stability of the skin super well. As long as you pat it for a minute or so, the maintenance of the skin and muscle bottom layer is really good. From the inside out, the skin feels like a bounce.

Clinique (Clinique)

Clinique, a high-end cosmetics brand that is safe, effective, formulated by dermatologists, and has been tested for allergies, is 100% fragrance-free, and comes out under the umbrella of Estee Lauder. Three-step products for basic skin care: facial soap with cleansing effect, cleansing lotion for cleansing the skin (suitable formulas for all types of skin), and special moisturizing lotion with moisturizing effect. This has become a legend in the industry, and every love Indispensable skin care products for beautiful women.

Kiehl’s (Kiehl’s)

Many star products of Kiehl’s have been loved by everyone, such as its avocado eye cream, cucumber water, lip balm, marigold water, etc., are welcomed by people from all walks of life, and many stars are fans of Kiehl’s. According to reports, Ke Yan’s products have the effects of removing acne, anti-acne, moisturizing, hydrating, soothing the skin, and deep cleansing. Therefore, how about Keyan’s products, it can be said that Keyan’s products are good in terms of quality and reputation.

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