Top 7 Taxi Apps That Can Replace Uber

uber for airport app

To be very honest, Uber is eventually being kicked out from many countries. Uber have lost the race in many million making countries due to their irrelevant business process. The actual problem with Uber is their working process is different and some country’s government rules & regulations are different that does not allow Uber to provide their services in those countries. Due to these problems, Uber has literally lost many of its profits as well as their business expansion. But, fortunately, many other taxi service providing companies have got a chance to show their capabilities in an open market. There are many airport taxi app that offers greater and better services than Uber. They offer better fare prices, affordable rides, multiple payment options, easy ride booking as well as quick response time.

Let’s get started with those taxi service apps that are a perfect alternative to Uber for Airport Ride

Addison Lee

Well, this taxi service was live before Uber came to the market. It was not so much popular just because of its traditional taxi services. But, after Uber arrived, the Addison Lee was also come out with their new business model with some of their new business updates. Now it is quite easy for the riders to book their ride through its app. It even provides airport rides as well as courier service too.


The black cab of London is famous for ridesharing. It is one of the most used taxi service company in London just because of its reasonable price. It is also known for its flat fare pricing, unlike Uber, the peak duration do not affect the price of their ride. No surge price applies as their focus is on providing the taxi services on the reasonable rates. Recently, it has also expanded its business to Edinburg, Leeds, and Newcastle as well as in Birmingham.


Well, it is one of the most popular carpooling service companies all over Europe. It is basically for the people who have travel for longer routes. It allows ridesharing to those riders who have to reach to the same destination or to the place that arrives before the destination of the former rider. Actually, It is cheaper and safer than the other means of transport. The rider can even take a stop whenever he or she wants. If it gets a normal ride update in the future, it can be the greatest competitor of Uber as well as the other taxi service providing company.


The ultimate alternate of Uber is Taxify. It provides the most reasonable rate all around the world. Their services are good plus the ride charges are also best in class. Taxify has the most user-friendly interface, all it requires a single tap on the screen. The work is done and the ride will be near to the rider’s place very soon. The response time of their services is greater than Uber and after their business expansion, it can take over Uber easily.


Well, Lyft is known to be the toughest competitor of the Uber. It is one of the best taxi services providing company in the United States of America. It has covered more than 200 cities in overall America and also it is all set to expand its services in other countries very soon. Lyft follows an amazing track of rating their drivers. They consider allowing those drivers who have received maximum ratings by the passengers. The drivers who have low rating are not allowed to drive on some specific days. This taxi service providing company even offers liability insurance for 1 million dollars. Yet not finished, Lyft even offers split share facility too.


Juno is a new taxi service providing company that is trying their best to complete Uber in the market. Their drivers are playing a very important role in making their service impeccable. The hospitality provided by Juno’s drivers is commendable. Their smiling faces give a gesture of safe and secure riding experience to the riders. The app is very simple to use, the user interface does not create any confusion. Any age group person will find it easy to use. For the safety of passengers, Juno has a 24/7 support system available. Juno offers three different types of rides styles i.e., quick, stylish and SUV. Riders can choose their ride style according to their budget. If the rider is budget friendly, he or she can choose quickly. Or if the rider has no issue with budget and prefers to commute in a luxurious ride then he o she can choose Stylish or SUV rides.

Easy Taxi

Recently the company has made major changes in the User Interface of the app that helped users to book their ride with more ease. Easy Taxi has expanded its business in more than 450 cities in 30 countries. Their business development gives a massive competition to the Uber. The company even offers a ride-sharing option to their customers. The cab facility of Easy Taxi is very much safe as well as efficient for the riders too. Easy taxi can be counted in the listed of the biggest competitors of Uber.

Taxi Business

It is one of the trending business in almost every country. Taking it lightly can be your mistake as it is the highest revenue generating industry in the whole world. Consider connecting to an app providing company and purchase an airport ride app for your taxi business. An Uber-like airport taxi app and make your dream business successful.

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