Top Reasons Why Japanese Kindergartens are the Best for Shaping Your Child’s Future

Japanese kindergarten

Almost every parent is a little concerned when it comes to placing their child into a structured environment like a preschool. They are afraid of how the child might cope with the separation and whether the school teacher will be able to handle the child in the right manner.

Pre-school – A Development Accelerant

Well, we understand how you feel when it comes to trusting a third person other than your family member with your child’s well-being. But, you must know that children gain a lot by attending a preschool in an international school in Tokyo.

They get exposed to letters, shapes, numbers and even develop their social and emotional skills. Plus, they learn how to get along with other children, how to share and contribute to things, which can be challenging to instil in a child.

Japanese kindergarten

In fact, a study shows that a child who has attended a high-quality preschool before entering Japanese kindergarten or school tends to have better pre-reading skills, stronger basic math skills and richer vocabularies than those who don’t.

With that being said, now let’s take a dive into this blog to understand what preschool actually does for your child’s well-being.

1- Preschool provides a foundation

Young children tend to be more observant and curious about things. They wish to learn skills that their family and society value, such as selecting correct coins or bills, reading instructions on the toy box, etc.

To prepare the children for future academic demands, the preschool teachers will provide a wide range of activities and games that can help them obtain the required academic and social skills.

Your child will learn a lot more than what he/she can by staying homeschooled.

2- It offers an opportunity for the child to be in a structured setting

When you home school your child, you are just letting the child be in a similar environment he/she is allowed to have fun and do other activities for entertainment. Plus, there won’t be children similar to your child’s age to understand how socializing works.

But, when you enrol your child in a preschool, you give him/her an opportunity to be in a structured environment that has teachers and groups of children similar in age. Such a setting helps your child to learn, share and follow instructions. For instance, your child will know when you raise hands if a question is asked, how to walk in line, etc.

3- Preschool prepares the child for academically advanced grades

Many parents believe that a preschool at international schools in Tokyo only focuses on offering children lessons that develop their knowledge on subjects like math, literacy, etc. But, you must know that preschool offers a mixture of both educational and extra-curricular setting that focuses on important playtime just as it focuses on math and other subjects.

In fact, preschool programs are based on learning through play. This means your child will gain new knowledge without actually getting bored in the process.

4- It helps your child to develop socially and emotionally

The best thing about Japanese Kindergarten is that it makes the child ready in the right way. A homeschooled child may not have an understanding of how to fit in with other children. But, a preschool child learns how to compromise, solve problems and be respectful towards other people.

Preschool at international schools in Tokyo offers a place for your child to build confidence. It helps them explore new things, play with their peers and even gain a sense of their individuality. Your child will discover his/her capability of doing things on his/her own without asking for help from mommy or daddy. Your child will know how to make small choices like how to spend free time.

5- It helps your child find answers to numerous questions

Once the children become 4 or 5-years old, they tend to have numerous questions about what is happening around them. They may raise questions like, why is the sky blue? Why do birds fly? How does it rain? Etc., As a parent, you may feel trapped under a never-ending pile of questions your child may have.

But, a Japanese Kindergarten can make your job easier. Your child will find answers to his/her questions by exploring, experimenting and conversing with teachers and other children.

6- Preschool hones the basic ABCs and 123s

While homeschooling the kids, parents tend to sit down along with them and teach them how to trace letters and alphabets. But, that isn’t the case in preschool.

Every child in kindergarten tends to learn at a different pace. That is why international schools in Tokyo use various activities like story-telling, playing with blocks, etc., to help the child understand the concept without getting bored.

Signing off

Even though homeschooling your child may feel like a perfect option before enrolling him/her in a Japanese kindergarten, it won’t necessarily help your child with the benefits offered by preschool.

So, try finding a reliable preschool near you to ensure your child gets the best guidance within his/her early developmental stage.

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