Top 10 Product Management Courses in India

product management courses

Discover the most acceptable training program for your profession by comparing and analyzing the top product management courses in India.

Anyone in the field of product management should take these product management certification courses seriously since, as anyone who works in the industry knows, learning is a never-ending process. Product managers must stay current across the board by obtaining PM certification courses, especially as product leaders. Technology and practices are constantly changing.

Learning is an exciting adventure no matter how long you’ve been in the business, whether you’re a senior product manager or going through product management training. Therefore, you strive for continual learning to keep yourself current, enhance your resume, and

Top Product Management Courses in India

Henry Harvin Education

 Project Management Certification Training, contributed by Henry Harvin, is worth a try. They thoughtfully design the Program Modules to ensure students become Industry Ready. The course curriculum fosters leadership skills and expertise to lead projects confidently.

The modules are well-versed, comprehensive, and anchored on the updated topics anchored in the PMBOK Guide  2021. Additionally, Henry Harvin is the authorized training provider for this course, and their project management courses in India have received PMI accreditation.

Professionals who complete the training can choose to receive PMI certification, which is another advantage of the Henry Harvin project management certification program. The module aims to develop capable, well-rounded project management experts in the aspirants.

Key Highlights:

  • A blend of 32 hours of Core Instructor-Led training backed by 50 hours of E-Learning 
  • Internationally acclaimed Certified trainers with 15+ Years of Industry Experience and extensive teaching experience
  • Students get projects in Hypothesis-driven development, Product management, agile, innovation pipeline, and agile software development to gain practical knowledge.
  • Complete practice session with 1500+ Practice questions across 91 quizzes and seven exams
  • Access to the LMS, including recorded Videos of Multiple Sessions.
  • Lifetime Membership of Henry Harvin Management Academy
  • Assures Internship with Henry Harvin or tie-ups firms.
  • PMP Certificate from a renowned and government-approved institution

 Henry Harvin provide other language course

 Excellent Academy

Product Management Certification is the most well-liked training for this institution, which imparts an understanding of the fundamentals of product management. It gives students the knowledge and perspective needed to have an actionable focus for effectively managing their product. They investigate contemporary product management tools, strategies, and abilities to generate fresh ideas and enhance everyday items.

Additionally, this course gives students access to excellent video lessons. It enables them to participate in realistic initiatives that explore the realities and challenges of effective product management.

Knowledge Hut

Knowledge Hut provides a unique course that helps students comprehend the ideas, principles, and difficulties associated with brand building and product management. To succeed, combine it with portfolios and architecture. This will help you find the vital data needed to create a product and brand strategy. Design an activity schedule and specify implementation metrics.

Upon finishing all modules and examinations, you will receive a validated certificate. Throughout this course, you will learn the fundamental abilities, methods, and procedures used in product management.

It provides helpful resources and a step-by-step plan for implementing your ideas.


The possibility to build one of your product ideas through 10 step-by-step activities with functioning files and example templates is one of the course’s unique features. You’ll learn how to develop a product specification with a feature backlog, wireframes, and an interactive prototype at the end of the course.

The best and most award-winning Product Managers have taught Product Management courses. These mentors contribute a wealth of examples and tasks from their vast professional expertise to this program. They make complex subjects much simpler for the candidates to comprehend and apply.

Beginners in the field of product management may find this Udemy course on the subject simple to understand. It is the best option for workers switching to a career in product management. Even entrepreneurs want to build their products, and junior product managers want to improve their careers.


Project management training in India is the gold standard for professionals with a background in project management. The PMBOK Guide’s sixth version is linked with the finest syllabus offered by StarAgile Institute and includes the test outline for 2021.

Those seeking careers in IT, healthcare, finance, etc., will benefit significantly from the structured approach they take in the classroom learning setting. The approved PMP training partner delivers thirty-five hours of live online and offline classes. Another benefit is help with the PMP Application template during the application process.


The industry-led academy RICS School of Amity University was established in 2013. They have campuses in Mumbai and Noida. It is the only institute that offers specialized undergraduate and postgraduate courses to address the shortage of competent workers in the Indian and international real estate, infrastructure, and construction industries. The first institution in India to receive the well-recognized PMI- GAC accreditation. The Ministry of Urban Development actively supports it and has accredited its courses. Moreover, this institution attests to its students’ successful placements in the Indian and global markets.

L&T Institute IPM

The well-known L&T firm, which may have a footing and a history in engineering and infrastructure, recognizes the value of effective project management. The organization established the L&T Institute of Project Management (IPM), which developed decades of experience in Project Management from conceptualizing, planning, and carrying out large-scale projects. IPM is a university affiliated with the L&T group that strives to produce top-notch global project management experts with the knowledge and abilities needed to serve as project leaders in the future

MIT School of Distance Education

The renowned MIT Pune’s MIT School of Distance Education is a cutting-edge educational program with a long history of excellence in teaching and learning. Additionally, the institute offers the best-designed online education programs in general management and project management that are industry-driven, effectively filling the skills gap for working professionals.

The program aims to develop future project managers who will be essential to successfully managing projects and enabling organizational success. The program seeks to prepare participants for careers as seasoned Project Management experts in the competitive fields of Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Petro-Chemicals, Construction, and Automotive.


In order to provide aspiring and working professionals with the skills they need to plan, manage, and carry out projects successfully, IIBM offers an online project management course. The course provides an understanding of all facets of project management, including project scoping and planning, costs, quality control, communication, risk management, change management, and stakeholder involvement and management.

10. Alison

A learning platform called Alison provides excellent project management courses in India for working individuals who want to improve their project management abilities or become project managers. This comprehensive course covers every important facet of project management, from planning to managing various project life stages. You will also learn about methodologies, tools, resources, planning and design, communication, analysis, documentation, etc., as well as GANT and PERT charts.


You can finish a project management education program on your schedule, which may be flexible. Or you could take a brief workshop, a part-time course, or a full-time course with professors in a neighboring city. 


  1. Define product management.

Ans: Product management refers to organizing the teams involved in creating and building products.

  1. What is the process of becoming a product manager?

Ans: One needs several skill sets for product management. You can achieve these and turn into a PM with the support of an excellent product management education.

  1. What skills are necessary for product management?

Ans: Business and economics credentials, analytical, organizational, time management, and prioritization skills are essential for a product manager.