Top 10 Korean Language Courses in India

korean language courses

Korean is now the language in India that is growing the fastest, and it ranks fifth in terms of the number of people who are learning it, only after English, Hindi, French, and Spanish. The sixth most learned language worldwide is Korean. From K-pop and TV shows to food and fashion, everything Korean is gaining popularity. Unquestionably, music and television have inspired young people in India to select Korean as their second language. As a result, learning Korean is crucial if you wish to speak it well enough to work in anything involving Korea. The article covers 10 best korean courses.

Henry Harvin

The Government of India has accredited the program. The program consists of projects, internships, certifications, and placements with a 9-in-1 course approach. The course offers specialized tutoring for the reading, listening, and writing components of all TOPIK exams, from beginning to advanced. The course is created following the guidelines established by the Korean Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation, which offers the ideal curriculum. Industry leaders including the United Nations, HP, IBM, and Accenture, among others, place a great deal of trust in our training programs and certifications.

Benefits of the course 

  • The student who is accepted into the program receives a Henry Harvin Language Academy Gold Membership for a year. 
  • The student who has registered for the course can access the accredited Korean language courses whenever and whenever they like using the open E-learning site. For the benefit of the learner, the portal includes every recorded video.
  • A benefit of having a greater chance at learning the language is having free and convenient access to #AskHenry hackathons and competitions. Along with the education, internships, job help (weekly, 10+ work chances are presented), and career services are guaranteed.


Learn Korean, a course in Korean foundations has one bold objective: to assist you in learning Korean without you studying it. It is presently available for purchase for $74.99. The introduction to Korean for beginners, is made up of 63 mini lectures spread across five hours of video content.

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Key features of the course

  • This online course teaches the fundamentals of Korean communication to get you conversant without much effort and in little time.
  • This smart series, which is entirely video-based, walks you through learning the Korean language word-by-word while providing helpful hints and mnemonic aids.

Lexis Korea

The award-winning educational institution Lexis Korea now provides a virtual version of its on-campus Korean language program. These online programs, known as the Untact courses, are designed to aid foreign students in making quick progress in the language. Untact Korean 25, Untact Korean 15, and Untact Weekend Korean are the three current Untact courses.

Key features of the course:

  • Untact Korean 25 is a full-time course that requires students to complete homework assignments and review material in between lessons.
  • Untact Korean 15 is an in-depth, part-time study of the language. It seeks to quickly advance your speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities. 
  • Finally, Untact Weekend offers a slower-paced, once-weekly version of the lessons for students who typically have busy schedules. 

Yonsei University 

One of South Korea’s most prominent universities, Yonsei University, offers a beginner’s course in the Korean language through the rapidly expanding Coursera website. Five lessons and four units make up the course, which covers the basics of reading, writing, speaking, and listening while also providing extra assignments to reinforce your learning. 

Key features of the course:

  • Another benefit of the Coursera course is the availability of a forum where you may engage with other students and moderators and feel free to ask questions, obtain clarification, and put ideas into practice.
  • You may also purchase a certificate of completion for $49, which would look fantastic on a resume. 

Quick Korean

A useful course on the fundamentals of Korean is available at the Cyber University of Korea. Quick Korean is completely free to use, all you need to do is sign up with your email to have access. There are four different difficulty levels for the content. 

Key features of the course:

  • You can practice without glancing at the translations by watching the Korean lecture videos that the University offers with optional subtitles.
  • Quick Korean tends to provide students a lot of practice with their pronunciation and listening skills because so much of the curriculum is communication-based and presented in a lecture format. 


The 90 Day Korean is an online school where native-speaking language coaches share their insider knowledge on how to learn and retain Korean for the rest of your life. This course is broken up into four modules, each of which has a 90-day duration and weekly lesson plans. 

Key features of the Course: 

  • The 80/20 rule is applied in 90-Day Korean, which means you’ll learn 20% of the language that produces 80% of the effects. 
  • You have access to all the courses and the Inner Circle community with the Standard Plan. You may wish to sign up for the VIP plan, which includes personal coaching and homework marking.
  • The homepage of 90 Day Korean features articles on Korean culture and daily life, K-pop and K-dramas, Hangul, Korean numerals, and other language fundamentals

Talk to me in Korean

This website offers a robust curriculum that supports your Korean learning process using a range of multimedia content that is available for purchase. The website, which is organized into nine levels of 30 lessons each, expertly covers all the fundamentals, from terms and idioms you need to know to basic grammar structures and everyday expressions you hear.

Key features of the course:

  • Each lesson is broken down into steps and is organized by topic. If you buy their textbooks, there are free supporting PDFs and practice exercises available for download with each lesson
  • In addition, Talk to Me in Korean provides nine separate video courses on Vimeo that you may buy individually or all at once for $19.99 if your objective is to become conversationally fluent in Korean.


With interactive subtitles that allow you to click on each unfamiliar word, you hear to get a definition, pronunciation audio, and example sentences, the videos on FluentU help you improve your Korean listening and reading skills. You can view a list of further videos that contain the word in the program’s video dictionary as well.

The customized tests from FluentU assess your comprehension of words from the videos or your vocabulary lists. To adjust to your learning level and choose which questions to ask next, the quizzes employ spaced repetition. The quizzes in the program also include speaking questions that enable you to improve your pronunciation using the speech recognition functionality of

King Sejong Institute 

You can enroll in an online course offered by the institute or one of its affiliates, apply for a time-limited course (and wait for approval), or use the institution’s extensive online resources for independent study. Beginners through advanced levels of instruction are offered. The institute also offers lessons on Korean culture in addition to language instruction. Everybody’s favorite K-pop music, the functionality of Korean beauty products, taekwondo, and other subjects are covered. 

Hanyang University 

This online course, which is offered by the Hanyang University of International Education, is geared toward beginners who want to build a solid foundation in the Korean language. Before enrolling, students must at the very least be familiar with the Korean alphabet because the lectures are based on the institution’s own elementary Korean textbook. 

Key features of the course:

  • In addition to vocabulary and idioms, the course places a big emphasis on grammar so that you can understand it and apply it to your speech. 
  • Along the course, you can communicate with other students’ lessons are broken up into five parts, with the entire course lasting 10 weeks. 
  • Additionally, you have the choice of enrolling for just the first three weeks. Following that, you can decide whether you want to continue learning for the following seven weeks.


Being fluent in Korean might help you land very lucrative jobs and career prospects because of outsourcing and the rise of “going global.” As a result, the course you chose should be based on the career path you intend to take. Your optimal course option should consider your schedule, preferences, and financial situation. Speaking several languages not only enhances your resume but also your character.


What is the test for being certified a Korean speaker?

TOPIK exams are the Korean government certified exams for the foreign Korean speakers.

Are online Korean courses as credible as offline?

With the onset of global Covid pandemic, online learning has become mainstream. So, yes, they are credible.

What are the job options after learning Korean?

You can work in a Korean firm, take up translation, teaching, or the job of a guide. With interest in the culture, you can even attempt at the K-Pop Industry.

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