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The Kannada movies are one of the south Indian film industry which has a huge fan following. Nowadays the demand has been increased to Kannada movies which are good and because of this most of the Kannada movies dubbed in Hindi for best reach. The Kannada movies have comedy, emotions, horror, tragedy, and historical movies that are treat to watch. The eight Kannada movies have the all-time favorite and which should be watched by every audience who loves films are:

Bangarada manushya:

This is one of the best movies of the great legendary actor of Kannada films Natasarvabhowma Dr.Rajkumar. Bangarada Manushya has the records of running 2 years in the theatres. Bangarada Manushya was released in the year 1972. The film is based on T.K.Rama Rao’s novel which has the same name.

In 90’s as Dr.Rajkumar played the role of the farmer which inspired many youths to take up the agricultural course and they took a career as a farmer. These films have a great impact on the audience which helps Youths to work in village fields as a farmer. These help in rural development, unity, honesty, love towards nation, and mutual understandings between citizens. The films even have a tremendous box office collection of that time which is Rs.3.6 crores. These films set a trademark for upcoming movies in Kannada industries.


Apthamitra is one of the all-time Kannada horror films. This film has a huge cast of Dr.Vishnuvardhan, Prema, Ramesh Arvind, Dwarkesh, Avinash, and the most importantly Soundarya. This film even gives how Soundarya through her psychological disorder turns herself into Nagavalli. This is the remake of the Malayalam film Manichithrathazhu. This film is released in 2004.

These film is directed by P.Vasu and produced by the actor Dwarakish. This film is musical hits and the music is by Guru Kiran. This Film has a box office hit of rs.200 million. At lastly this is the last film of the greatest actress Soundarya. This film is continued in the film Aptharakshaka which discussed the flashback story of the Nagavalli.

Minchina Ota:

Minchina Ota is the best film of the Kannada film industry which has the starring of the great actor and legendry director Shankar Nag and his brother Anant Nag. These film is directed by Shankar Nag and produced by both Anant nag and Shankar nag. And the cinematography is by B.C.Gowrishankar. The audience says this film includes adventure and crime in it.

The Film is released in the year 1920 which won many awards: Karnataka State Film Awards and Second Best Film, Best Actor to Anant Nag and, Best supporting actor to Lokanath. It was even remade in Hindi in 1983 by Shankar Nag as Lalach.


Om is a Kannada movie released in the year 1995 which introduced the underworld to the film industry. The story is written and directed by actor Upendra, produced by the Parvathamma Rajkumar. These have been a great film in the career of century star Dr. ShivaRajkumar and the actress Prema. This film showcase how the normal priest son Satya, becomes a gangster after his lover frames him as a murderer in the court.

Om film is given an All-time music hits which are by a great music director Hamsalekha. This film was even remade in Telugu as Omkaram. These films as a Limca record for re-releasing more than 550 times in the theaters. This film has a successful collection in the box office


Kurukshetra is an epic historical war film in Indian films. These film is directed by Naganna and J.K.Bharavi and produced by Munirathna. These film as a huge cast of Boxoffice sultan Darshan as Duryodhana, Meghana Raj, V.Ravichandran, Ambareesh, Arjun Sarja, Srinath, Srinivasa Murthy, Shashi Kumar, Sonu Sood, Danish Saifi, Yashas Surya, Sneha, Chandan Kumar, Nikil Kumarswami, Haripriya, Ravi Chathan, and so on. This film story is based on the war which takes place in Mahabharatha between Kauravas and Pandavas.

The Film Kurukshetra was released in the year 2019. The film was released by both 2D and 3D which is treat to watch. The film attracts the people through its animation and effects which makes peoples attract to the theaters. This film is released in Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and even on 5th Sep 2019, the film was released in the middle east such as United Arab, Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar.

KGF: Chapter-1:

KGF (Kolar Gold Fields) is a huge Indian Kannada film which was directed by Prashanth Neel and produced by Vijay Kiragandur. This film includes a huge cast of Rocking star Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Archana Jois, Anant Nag, Ramesh Indira, Ramachandra Raju, and so on.

This film has been released in the year 2018 and has a box office collection of Rs.250 crores. This film was dubbed in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and, Malayalam as well. This film won 2 awards for Best action and best special effects at the 66th National film awards. This film even has a chapter-2 Which will be release when malls and theaters were get opened.

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