Top 5 handbags to own for summer vacation trip

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Women love handbags because they are durable and can last a lifetime. Handbags add a touch of class even to a simple and normal outfit owing to their exclusivity and style. There are several types of bags for women. These bags differ in style, size, and appearance. Women can easily carry their personal belongings along with them in their handbags. There are top 10 handbag brands in india which every woman is aware of.

Woman’s love for her handbag is eternal. There is a handbag curated for every kind of occasion. Different types of handbags are available, from luxury goods to normal ones. Many ladies prefer buying luxury handbags as they think of them as a sense of accomplishment.

Following are the five types of bags for women that you can rock this summer

  1. The day satchel.

This bag is an essential workhorse handbag. The day satchel is a medium to large top-handle bag which can hold almost everything, such as a book or a tablet. You can choose a neutral colour bag or a dark coloured bag. The Satchel bag is structured with a flat bottom. It has two short handles on top of it. It is a bag for women that features an adjustable cross-body strap. These handbags are durable, and they are used for carrying documents as well as books. The bag is a multipurpose bag.

  1. Clutch.

A clutch is a bag that is compact and lightweight. This bag allows you to choose essential items to carry. This bag has no straps, and it looks slim. It is used for formal and special occasions. There is a huge variety of options to choose from for a clutch bag. You can wear a clutch bag with any outfit. Many ladies opt for a monochromatic look or a complementary colour.

  1. Cross-body purse.

There are different types of bags for women, and a cross-body bag is the one that never goes out of style. These bags are smaller, and they have a single strap. This strap goes across your body. These cross-body bags are more comfortable to wear. The overall weight of this bag is distributed evenly across your body, so you do not feel the weight at a single point. This bag holds essentials such as your wallet, glasses, and keys. This bag gives you great freedom of movement, and it has a sturdy strap.

  1. The straw basket.

This go-to bag is ideal for use during the warmer months. Many women prefer this bag as it is a little more playful than all the other types of handbags. You can pack it with snacks and a towel if you plan to stroll around the beach. Many women who commute to work daily also use this bag. It is a type of bag for women that is easy to use and durable.

  1. Tote bag.

A Tote bag is great for travel and carrying gear. This bag comes in all forms, sizes, and shapes. This bag is designed to hold bulkier and larger items. It has a solid zipper. It does not have dangling stripes, and you can carry this bag if you want to travel long distances. Most tote bags also have lockable zips.