Deep Hole Drilling: Choose Top Gun Drills Manufacturer

Deep Hole Drilling: Choose Top Gun Drills Manufacturer

DIC Tools is a Gun Drills Manufacturer and Supplier. This can drill properly with an accurate diameter. These are mainly known for generating long, straight, close forbearance holes with an exceptional surface finish at a high penetration rate. We have various types of Gun Drills available in custom and non-custom sizes. Our gun drilling process is suitable for drilling deep holes and twist drills. DIC TOOLS has various types of Gun Drill which includes Index-able gun drills, ejector and BTA drill bit, single fluted gun drill, twin fluted gun drills, solid carbide gun drill, etc.  

Following are some most important types of Gun Drills:

Gun Drills: We are a Gun Drills Manufacturer & Supplier. It is a deep hole drilling process that commonly uses a thin cutting tool to produce holes. Our drill offers high performance, process reliability, and longer tool life in many applications. We can also supply Gun Drills in  Single flute and Two Flutes. These Drills are used for deep drilling depth to diameter ratio of 300: 1 or more is possible.

Indexable Inserted Gun Drills: DIC is a reliable supplier of Indexable Inserted Gun Drill. Indexable Inserted Gun Drill is high-performance drills with the desired cutting lengths that suit your application. These are available for use on deep hole drilling machines and CNC machines with high-pressure coolant supply. Gun Drills are suitable for use on the lathe, machining centers, and deep hole machines. We have Gun Drills available in standard and non-standard sizes as per customer requirement.

Ejector and BTA Drill Bit: DIC is an Ejector and BTA Drill Bit Manufacturer. BTA Drills stands for trepanning association which developed this deep hole drilling system. It is considered faster than gun drilling, known for cutting straighter holes with excellent forbearance. Ejector Drills are also used on conventional and CNC type’s machines.  DIC Drill Bits are exported to various countries worldwide.

Single Fluted Gun Drills: DIC Gun drill, with its ability to machine very straight deep holes and excellent performance, is developed for gun barrel manufacturing. Single fluted Gun Drills can be made by us to any specific length, whereas a length over 72” will have an extra weld joint in the body of the tool. These Drills need high-pressure coolant through the tool, keeping the cutting edges lubricated and providing sufficient chip evacuation down the flute channel. This is available drive length: 60mm.

Twin Fluted Gun Drills: These are frequently used in applications that require maximum penetration, and in non-ferrous materials, it also increases the feed rates. These Drills are also referred to as “milled style” Gun Drills. It is available in the 2500” – 1.000” Diameter Range. Simple materials that can be drilled using twin gun drills. Cast iron and cast aluminium where the material is free from chip control issues.

Solid Carbide Gun Drills: DIC Tools is a reliable supplier of Solid Carbide Gun Drills worldwide. Our Solid Carbide Gun Drill is manufactured to international standards. DIC Carbide Gun Drills provide a fast feed rate and the power of the Solid Carbide allows penetrations up to 2 – 3 times higher feed rates. We also provide Gun Drills in single flute and double flute design. This is available in the diameter range 0.70mm – 5.08mm.

Step and Pilot Drills: These tools may be included in an application to eliminate two-three subsequent operations in a single hole. These Gun Drills have 130° or 140° point angles. Step and Pilot drills are generally used to follow an extant hole while cutting a large diameter and minimizing cycle time plus reducing eccentricity between holes. Our Drills are made using carbide material.

BTA Drills Heads: BTA Drills Heads is an excellent option for deep holes with a depth to diameter ratio of up to 100mm and a hole diameter greater than 20mm. Used for holes with a diameter ranging from 25mm to 45mm. This works for high penetration rates. The Drill heads include a single drill tube in which high-pressure coolant is supplied to the drill through the annular area in the middle of the drilled hole and tube outer diameter.∙        U Drills: DIC U Drill can be made in standard as well as custom-made sizes to reduce the cycle time of components. These Drills can be offset to cut slightly undersize or oversize. The perfect cutting with U Drill engages the edge in step. These also Improves hole drilling accuracy and table feed up to 200%. Material of U Drill can be Tungsten Carbide and Stainless Steel. These Drills are available in Size of 14mm up to 50mm.

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