Top Graphic Design Trends to Color the Innovative Era

graphic design trends

Graphic design trends have ushered in a new era that revolves around innovation and modernization. This was made possible due to the advancement rendered by the digital hemisphere. Everyone across the world is attracted to visual beauty. The graphic design industry has contributed to the aesthetic development of the visual world. Many businesses have resorted to capitalizing on this development and acquiring the same visually aesthetic designs for themselves regarding logos, website designs, and UX/UI designs. To put it bluntly, graphic designs have the ability to make or break a business.

If you are opening a business, it is mandatory that you have every graphic designing component in your arsenal that guides you throughout your ventures. You can do this by contacting an established graphic design agency that will provide you with the dedicated designer you need to materialize your graphic design endeavors.

This also begs the question. What are the current trends graphic design trends dominating the modern era? We will discuss that in detail in the following article.

Geometric Shapes

A plethora of brands have begun to adopt geometric shapes in their graphic designs. Many brands have previously used abstract shapes to construct their structures, but they opt for much harder edged and rigid shapes these days. This is because geometric shapes are much more convenient to use and create. The main priority of these shapes is to add consistency, structure, and order to the design. The polished outlook of these shapes makes for an alluring appeal for your target audience. Brands such as Zendesk have incorporated so much of geometric shapes in their business that it has become a matter of recognition for their brand.

The audience widely appreciated the solidified and stylish view of the shapes, such as circles, making the images look more distinct in a brand. You can use a limited number of shapes such as circles or rectangles to give off a similar look to your visuals. You should add the shapes that complement the muted color palettes of the graphic design. Since shapes are so precise, they will blend in naturally with the color palettes you use. This will make your graphic design look visually eye-catching. Speaking of muted color palettes, let us find out what this trend is all about.

Muted Color Palettes

Muted color palettes have taken the graphic industry by storm and show no iota of becoming irrelevant anytime soon. If you are not aware of muted color palettes, they are rich colors infused with white, black, or any other complementary color with their edge taken off.

People prefer muted color palettes because they have grown weary of bright and bold colors. Instead, they want colors that effuse a calm and relaxing aura. Muted colors are distinct from the colors that annoy them with a flashy and confusing effect, which makes for a negative experience. Many businesses consider muted colors as a nostalgic, safe, and secure choice.

LinkedIn serves as a prime example of how to use muted colors to their advantage. They changed their colors to more muted color palettes in order to acclimate with the current graphic design climate. Their social media network feels authentic and genuine concerning their embedded muted colors. Apart from that, muted colors also provide graphic designs, an organic and natural feel.

Because health and wellness have become popular with respect to people’s demands, the organic nature of the muted colors has been incorporated at a growing pace among many brands. The best part about muted colors is their ability to mesh well with the textual content of the design. They make the font more comfortable to stand out and become readable.

Flat Icons & Illustrations

There is a cycle when it comes to graphic design trends. When something becomes trendy, it usually loses steam and becomes overplayed. However, after a while, it comes back and becomes fashionable again. This has been the case for flat icons used in the previous years and have become part of the dominating trends in graphic design. This cycle is not a negative thing. If you are constructing visual content for yourself, you can use these flat icons and work to adjust them in different graphic designs such as presentations, Media visuals, and infographics.

They have a powerful effect in the sense that the viewer will be able to understand what you are trying to say without the presence of any text or content. This effect makes these icons an influential visual communication tool. You can convey a simple story to your audience with the usage of these icons, which will further explain your blogs, infographics, and social media posts.

Classic Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are not exactly new to the graphic design industry, let alone the latest trend. It has remained relevant since the 15th century. It has continued to be used by businesses since then. The classical serif fonts continue to maintain their prominence among many brands who seek to adopt its style to gain an advantage over one another. Because of their old age, serif fonts are considered the most reliable, trustworthy, elegant, and nostalgic choice among a populace’s substantial chunk. Classic serif fonts have provided many businesses major successes through their representation in graphic design. The fonts blend well with any color palette or illustrations displayed in the design. Serif Font will never stop being relevant to the innovative world in this era.

Design trends come and go. But these innovative options have pioneered a new phase of the graphic design world. They are rich in beauty and aesthetically pleasing to many. These trends have become popularized and mainstream within the digital world, which is why we recommend you follow suit.

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