The Top Gaming Forums & Communities to Showcase Your Expertise

Showcase Your Expertise

Ever since its inception, gaming forums and communities have become a way for gamers to not just interact with like minded people from across the world but also establish themselves as pro gamers in the crowded space. 

They have, in many ways become a mode of visibility for the gaming community who were once limited to an arcade’s gaming screen. 

However, with the onset of the community feeling, there have come into existence several social media platform for gamers, with not all of them being equally good. 

Let us look into some of the top gaming communities and forums operative in the market today, ones that would give you exactly what you are looking for: a platform to share. 


Rcade is a mobile app based gaming community which enables the players from across the world to upload their gaming snips. By doing this, it not just give them the chance to showcase their game but also look at how others are playing or crossing a tough spot. Additionally, they feature the name of their best player on their social media, along with their gaming snips. 

Available both on Android and iOS, the application is a must have for gamers who wish to become famous in the domain.


GameFAQs has been a one stop source for in-depth walkthroughs of multiple games. Whether you have gotten stuck in an impossible to breach dungoen or you are feeling stuck with where the last piece of Triforce is in the Zelda, GameFAQs has a walkthrough solution for all. And not just that,  it also comes with a tight-knit, supportive community for players to discuss games in general.

Backed by a simplistic design, the website of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ have been going strong for the past 23 years.


The forum of the classic and presently a massive powerhouse in the gaming domain: IGN’s video game forum, keeps up with the promise of quality that IFN comes with. It is segregated according to the gaming platforms like: Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, etc., and then further into other specific topics.

A quick glance of the PC forum would show you a massive amount of topics related to gamers, PC build recommendations, and amazing deals on games.


Massively multiplayer online RPG’s community comes backed with some of the most invested fans of the gaming domain. And their forum is no exception. The forum offers easy accessibility with attached links for buying, ordering, or playing games, right in the sidebar. 

There is also a forum which has been dedicated to the site suggestion, which helps developers with suggestions coming in from the actual site users. The forum presently has over 1.3 million comments along with 60.1 thousand+ discussions.

Now that we have looked at the top communities and forums present in the gaming domain, let us leave it up to you to explore them all and decide which one you’d like to be associated with.

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