best apps for android

Top Follow is one of the best apps for Android to make Instagram followers roll in, No matter if you are running a personal or a business account. You can comfortably boost you fan base in a matter of seconds. Verily, a mass of people have created their business accounts on Instagram and successfully managed to take their business to a next level. Of course they have done it so by being noticeable on Instagram. Doubtlessly, you can make you business a success too by creating a strong business profile. Yeah, nothing is impossible.

Mostly people use Top Follow for Android on their personal Instagram accounts to get more engagements and impressions. There is no doubt about it to be the most prolific auto followers app. It gives its users the instant results. Of course, this is what it is made for. If you want to build your business from scratch too then it will surely help you in this regard as well. You will definitely get better results instantaneously.

best apps for android

It is just remarkable in the way it helps you increase followers. Unlike like many traditional followers for Instagram it uses virtual coins to use in acquiring followers on account and impressions on any of your Insta posts. But the question is how to get virtual coins and use them to help Instagram account grow? The answer is very much straightforward and simple. There are two simple methods to get virtual coins.

1- By completing certain simple tasks

2- Using Promo Code to get 500+ free coins

In order to get coins using the first method you need to sign in to Instagram using a fake account on the app. Once signed in you can simply follow other people’s profile and like their posts it will help you get coins easily. As the number of coins grow and have enough coins in the bag you can simply use them to up your followers on your real instagram account.

However, if you are not comfortable with the first method then you may opt for the second method to get free coins and diamond using Top Follow APK promo code (WQXB7LZ2WO). It will automatically add cons and diamonds to your accounts. Since this is effortless process you can go for it anytime you want.

Features of Top Follow

Apart from what we have mentioned above and how it works, there are many other features that makes it stand out among the pool or other social exchange tools. The main aspects of the app are as follows:

  • Free and easy to use
  • Get 1000+ virtual coins and diamonds effortlessly
  • Regularly updated and bugs are removed with each update
  • Get unlimited real Instagram followers
  • Coins added as you like and follow other Instagram accounts and posts
  • Virtual coins can be used anytime to get real followers
  • Use promo code to get free coins/diamonds


There is no doubt that Top Follow is quite handy tool to make and grow Instagram account from the scratch. It is loved by millions and used to enhance their popularity on Instagram. But it is advised to use filmplus apk cleverly.

By Anurag Rathod

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