What are the Top Five Things for Students to Do in Porto

Five Things for Students

Porto is the dream city for many of the aspirants settled in the city for higher education. Being the second-largest city in Portugal, Porto is a dream city to visit for both tourists and students alike. Home to the popular soccer team FC Porto, there is so much to do and explore  that the students can never feel bored or out of place when living in Porto. Students can visit some amazing places and make use of their leisure time productively.  

Visit a Wine Cellar

Famous for its many wineries and wine tasting cellars, Porto wine cellars have different bottles to sample. The best wineries in Porto are the Ramos Pinto Port winery which was established in 1880 and is one of the renowned in the city. Aspirants can find student accommodation porto near The Sandeman Cellars, founded in the year 1790 and popular for the quality wine it sells. Established in the old convent are the Ferreira Cellars that provide excellent tour of the winery along with free wine tasting cellars for visitors. Another winery that produces some fine stuff is the Calem Cellars and is one of the main wineries in Porto. 

Livraria Lello Bookstore

This is an ideal place for the literary buffs who would like to indulge in this beautiful bookstore which was once graced by the presence of world renowned author JK Rowling when she used to live in Porto. This is also the historic place where she started with the Harry Potter series. Owned by Livraria Lello & Irmão, who are in business since 1906, this place has been one of Porto’s important landmarks and a must visit for students for an invigorating experience. The place is thronged by many also because it is centrally located near the locals’ favorite Piolho Café and a is just a block away from Igreja do Carmo.   

Savor the Local Treats

Students in Porto will definitely be eating well in the best restaurants that range from traditional to modern including the sophisticated as well. There are restaurants that also cater to the vegetarians at large and serve all sorts of recipes and also what is known as comfort food. There are cuisines that support green lifestyles with restaurants serving vegetarian francesinhas.   

Architectural Masterpieces

While in Porto, studentscome across a lot of architectural masterpieces dating back to centuries ago including exploration of churches and Livraria Lello & Irmão, oldest bookstores in Portugal located in the civil parish of Cedofeita in the northern Portuguese municipality of Porto. Students can explore stunning masterpieces like the artistic Café Majestic, Torre dos Clérigos, the tallest campanile in Portugal, and the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art located on Serralves Estate in Porto. 

The aforementioned information will surely help students throng at the best place of interest on a weekend. One thing is for sure that the students are not going to settle for less other than living in affordable student accommodation. There are amusing things for students to do in leisure and visit bookstores for finest of literary collections, taste the unexceptional in continental cuisines, and also explore things rich in architectural significance.

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