Top Finance Books That Will Make Your Life Easier

Top Finance Books will Make Your Life Easier

How would top finance books be helpful to you? For some people handling finance is like a cakewalk, but for others, it is not. What you can then do is grab these top finance books and see how you flip the table. 

Many times people tend to give in to their own instincts and over-spend. Sometimes it is due to inefficiency in calculations as they are poor in math or due to the tedious nature of tracking money that they neglect handling their finances properly. 

But, worry, not! There is a way out for you. You have to educate yourself and learn. Within no time, you would be having a strong grip on finances, and your money would grow effortlessly. We have made it, even more, easier by giving you a list of the best finance books that you can read.

Top Finance Books That Are A Must Read 

Knowing about the top finance books is half the battle won in handling your finances. Wait no more and read the below list.

Why Did Not They Teach Me This in School?

This book was written by the author Cary Siegel when he saw the lack of proper education regarding finances in his children’s schools. This book is perfect for youngsters, but at the same time, the principles given in the book are useful even if you are longer in your twenties. It has got 99 principles in it encapsulated into eight broad lessons. 

Best Memoir: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Making as one of the bestselling finance books, it is a memoir provided with lessons. Published nearly 20 years ago, the author Kiyosaki walks his readers through his childhood memories. 

He stresses the contrast between his not-so-wealthy father and his friend’s dad, Hawaii’s richest resident. The comparison shows how to manage your money in the best way possible.

The Total Money Makeover

This book by Ramsey is not a get-rich-quick scheme book. It provides a strong foundation for saving money so that your finances are not affected in case of an emergency. The author always focuses on paying off your debts to have good financial strength. And he tells you how to do that.

Best for Building Wealth: The Automatic Millionaire

The biggest plus point of reading “The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich” is that it gives exactly what it promises to do: a one-step plan. With over more than 1.5 million copies sold, this book explores the success story of a couple. It shows how despite their modest income, the couple owns two mortgage-free homes with good retirement savings.

Your Money or Your Life

This book by Robin and Dominguez focuses on managing to live with what you earn by trimming your budget. It dares you to explore the idea of living frugally actually making you happier. Thus, it does not deal with learning to a budget; instead, it teaches you about living within means by managing your habits.

Best for Inspiration: The Millionaire Next Door

This book by William D. Danko and Thomas J. Stanley deals with the seven commonly found traits in millionaires. Contrary to the general media’s flashy depiction of millionaires, the book emphasises how to get rich without having a high-profile job or degree. This best selling book is now in its third edition since it was published first in 1998.

Best for Beginners: Broke Millennial

A book directly aimed for beginners is perfect for 20- and 30-somethings who want to learn about finances. If you are a young adult overwhelmed and confused with debts and budgeting, this proves to be a motivating guide. It promises to show how to go from being “flat-broke to financial badass,” along with covering tricky and real-life situations that involve money.

You Are a Badass at Making Money

Published in 2017, this book by Sincero is a candid and a funny take on Cicero’s personal experiences. It shows how she emerged from her salad days to good living days. You could relate to many habits mentioned in the book. The book provides ways to overcome those habits and help you handle your finances.

How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free

This book focuses more on how to retire well by managing what you have saved instead of handling finances to prepare for retirement. It does not preach on working hard, and for a long time, instead, it teaches you how to enjoy your life with the money you have. 

Best for Women: Secrets of Six-Figure Women

This book by Barbara Stanny is a perfect book for working women who want to increase their wealth and success by learning and getting inspired by other successful women. In the book, she put forward the common characteristics that she found while interviewing the high-earning women of different professional backgrounds.
Now that you are lucky to know the best finance books out there, you should waste no time implementing the practices provided in the above books.

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