Top 10 Educational Websites for Students That Can Inspire You

educational websites for students

The time has changed, now it is very easy for the students to get inspiration by just one click. We are living in an era which is dominated by technology everything is available on the internet. Are you looking for some educational sites that can aid you to do better in your studies? There you go, we present to you the top ten famous educational websites for students that can inspire and motivate them to do better. 


Coursera is an American platform that offers online courses. Worldwide-qualified teachers teach all the courses on this site. You can learn amazing courses of your interests anytime and anywhere. Yes, you heard it right. Just log in and you will find hundreds of courses waiting for you. There are individual courses as well as group courses. It facilitates the students with video lectures, course syllabus, and everything that is needed to understand the course completely. 

Education 2020

Education 2020 provides such inspirational and motivational courses that can aid the students in their studies. It is a part of the Edgenuity website, which is a leading educational site that provides k-12 solutions to the students. It helps the students in their assignments in such an excellent way that students can blend their school learning with home learning and could become successful. This website helps to focus on a particular skill, so students can improve it and graduate on due time. 

Now studying mathematics is no more a hassle. Yes, just like its name this site offers such innovative ways to study the solutions of mathematics, which can even make Archimedes jealous. Because who knew one-day learning mathematics will become enjoyable. You will find more than 100 explanations of calculus, pre-calculus, and other topics that are very easy to understand. It is a brain-training site, where logic is infused with thinking so that you can enjoy solving the problems. 

The Learning Odyssey 

Now understanding researches is surely a piece of cake because the Learning Odyssey will help you to learn the current researches via its innovative ways. It is a part of Edgenuity that offers videos and lessons that helps the students understand the proven researches very easily. You don’t have to face the hassle of reading long and hard researches. You can perform activities and through them, you will get to know about the newest research. So what are you waiting for? 

We adore this website and we are sure you will too because it is for everyone who aspires to become an artist. Your child can become an artist now while sitting at home. It presents simple ways to fulfill your life with such creative arts that will leave you mesmerized. Simply visit this site and you will find a parent’s corner, which will guide you systematically on how to produce art with sheer creativity. Apparently, many websites of coursework assignment help in London are using this specific platform to enhance the sense of creativity. 

This latest site offers much more than simple grades. Your kid can become the smartest kid of the town by simply making his brainwork. Visit this site when you are bored and perform enjoyable activities. There is a wide range of subjects, which you select. For each correct answer, the site will donate grains of rice to the poor people of the world. Help those in need and you will find your deed coming back to you in the smartest possible way. 


Are you a fan of action-adventure movies? Now you can make your java scripts and apps. The grand opportunity lies before your eyes. There are separate sections, students can perform activities and learn lessons in the easiest possible ways. There are tutorials for teachers as well. It focuses on enjoyable subjects like Star Wars and Minecraft to attract the kids while making learning and listening to the fun. You will understand what these are once you log in to this site.

Just like its name, this site tells you how things work. We have used this site to understand few projects. This site is for the high school kids that offers activities and video lessons so you can enjoy your holidays while learning. This site is everything you need because you can think of the most random thing and search it. There you will find activities and lessons according to your choices and preference. Once you understand this site there is no going back. 


ABCYA is the king of all the educational computer games. Your kid can become a programmer just by sitting at home. This site offers thousands of innovative and smartest educational computer games and such excellent mobile games for your kids that will bring out the best. This site rolls number 9 on our list but it offers such great benefits that we recommend you to visit it. This is one of the unique sites out there.

This is the most encouraging site for all the science lovers out there. It offers hundreds of cool science project ideas that will encourage your junior Newton to keep making science projects. Just visit this site and you will find easy videos, lectures, and whatnot. This site will even encourage parents to learn scientific theories. It promotes the learning of science with such ease and authenticity that you will become addicted to it.  

In conclusion, we can finally say that our era is dominated by technology and now you can gain education via such fascinating ways. We hope that you will visit this site to climb the ladders of success. Let us know in the comments what you think about these resources.

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