Top Career Options to Choose after MBA in Gas

MBA oil and gas

The oil and gas industry is one of the growing and significant global industries all over the world. The industry has spread its hand to all spheres of life. With the coming of technological development, the need for the gas and oil industry is increasing faster. The oil and Gas industry constitutes 60 to 70% of global economic growth. It is expected to remain the leading energy resources for the time to come creating vast employment. There are a plethora of jobs vacant in the industry, even in recessions. However, it is no cakewalk to make a career in this domain. 

You need to develop a strong understanding of the field and skills to work in the industry. MBA in Gas is one of the popular courses. It is a two-year master’s programme providing the necessary skills and technical knowledge to the students for taking managerial decision in the field. Graduates with a specialised MBA in Oil and Gas acquire opportunities in multiple sectors. In India, the average fees for pursuing an MBA programme in Gas is INR 2 Lakh per annum. 

Students who wish to acquire specialisation in the oil and gas industry can also go for a short-term course. Diploma in Oil and Gas Management is one such programme. It is a six-month skill-based programme. The course is suitable for aspirants wishing to build an entry-level career in Oil and related industries. 

The petroleum and energy sector is one of the most burgeoning fields in the world. Energy is one of the requirements contributing to the development of any country. Hence, an MBA in Gas or Diploma in Oil and Gas Management course opens careers prospects in the domestic market and abroad. Here are job profiles available after completion of the programme-

Maintenance Manager

In the oil and gas industry, the maintenance manager is responsible for overall project activities. The manager will need to implement the company’s HR, quality, planning etc., for both onshore and offshore activity. 

Sales Manager

You can work as a sales manager in the Oil and gas industry. Sales manager are responsible for in-depth analysis of various markets along with the business potential. They take care of supply-chain management and help in generating opportunities by meeting customers. 

Energy Consultant 

The energy consultant is responsible for making critical decisions across a vast range of operations functions. 

Oil and Gas Analyst

The professionals analyse geological samples, crude oils etc., to determine the physical and chemical properties to ensure that they fulfil the quality standards. 

In India, the energy industry sees a growing trend in demand. The production capacity of existing energy resources is increased, and new energy resources are being researched to take care of the insatiable need for energy rising from the households, offices, and industries of India.

The industry promises limitless growth to talented professionals. This is Oil and Gas Management is one of the most industry-recognised specialisations of MBA in India. There are excellent career prospects in the industry for graduates since the course provides holistic knowledge of the industry and makes them eligible to join several different energy industry scores.

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